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What is ITSM

A practicing process like DevOps, Continuous Delivery to transform into the digital world adds value to an organization. The question today is how relevant is ITSM?Technology is an integral part of every business, in that case, how good is IT for any business, even though we see a thin line between the two. They say ITSM is no longer a good thing to have with business, and some say it is good only with the service desk. We all know that is meant to deliver business capability; it is an enabler to realize real business.

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Comodo ITSM

Comodo One ITSM is available absolutely free. It assists MSPs to manage their client infrastructure, by equipping them with necessary IT tools.

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IT Technology Management Software

ITSM includes a variety of aspects of IT businesses, such as plan, design, delivery, support, and infrastructure of information technology services.

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What is ITSMDecember 11, 2017

ITSM refers to a strategic approach for designing, delivering, managing & improving the way in which information technology is used within an enterprise.

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