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Free Remote Access

Sometimes we need to access computers remotely from a different location. Like, for example, to access files residing in your workstation located at your workplace. Or to help your dad (who's probably not so good with computers) fix a simple issue. To do this, you need what is known as remote access tools, which let you 'remotely control' another computer, located in another part of the world.

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Remote Desktop Control Software

Remote Desktop is the technology administrators use to remotely access user computers present at different locations to fix, update, and carry out other network maintenance activities. Sometimes known as RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tools or software, they are widely employed by enterprises globally to run IT administrative maintenance tasks and ensure enterprise networks operate smoothly without any glitches. Doing so, in turn, increases enterprise productivity, as these tools basically optimize the 'enterprise resources' and ensure they are available 24/7 to employees.

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