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Remote Access

Remote access solution dates back to 1969 when Telnet protocol was first developed. A couple of decades later, Citrix came into existence to deliver remote access solutions for Windows platforms. With the evolutions of trends and technology PCoIP, RDP, VNC, SSH, XWindows, and others are also added to the list. The benefit of remote access is undoubtedly, the convenience to access the network from anywhere.

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Service Desk Agent

Customers rely on the service desk to troubleshoot any issues. They look at the quality of the service, how well the customer service agent understands the issue, attentiveness, how knowledgeable and professional the expert is and the readiness to quickly solve the issue would elevate the customer satisfaction metrics and add up to more value to the company’s reputation.

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Network Assessment

A basic security software solution like antivirus or a firewall is more than enough to protect an individual’s PC. However, in case of protecting business computers which are interconnected within a network, becomes way too challenging. This brought in the inception of Network security to render advanced security options to protect the network from threats Managed Service Providers also called MSPs are separate entities that operate to deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) to provide cybersecurity measures based on the organization’s needs.

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ITSM Tools

IT infrastructure management involves many aspects, including management of several policies, processes, devices (like workstations, printers etc.), sensitive information, workforce management and many others. Managing all of them is not an easy task.Because of this, many businesses (usually big ones) seek the help of Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

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ITSM Definition

The need for dependable and readily available IT services is growing at an exponential rate as more and more businesses rely on technology to operate. The main aim of modern

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