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patch management software

Software and Applications are developed to benefit the users. However, users identify flaws only while implementing it to benefit the purpose. Such flaws create a path for the hackers to access the vulnerable application to exploit and extract valuable information. Software vendors release security patch fixes to fix such vulnerable issues. IT departments and individual users most often retard to update the software to fix the latest patch and hence stay vulnerable and best target for a security breach.

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msp service desk

For any organization today, demands of digital business would exert great pressure on the service desk, wanting it to become more responsive, more efficient and at the same time drive down costs. All this happens at a time when cyber attacks are on the rise and are threatening all kinds of businesses, big and small. Today it's important for companies to use automation for accelerating the ability to respond to tickets. At the same time, it would indeed be great if a company could also close the loop and use automation to help deploy changes as well, especially those that might help remediate vulnerabilities fast. This helps companies save on costs and save or build up their brand reputation as well.

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rmm benefits

Digital healthcare is taking a new turn and approach in handling the healthcare products and services. There are healthcare apps to improve the lifestyle. There are home monitoring devices implements Remote Monitoring Management that can be used by clinicians to interact with patients and analyze their signs of health progress from remote. However, whatever the technology solutions evolve, there can never be a magical remedy to cure any ailments.

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Software Patches

As per reports attackers have used a content-injection vulnerability (in WordPress 4.7 and 4.7.1) recently disclosed and patched in WordPress 4.7.2 to deface over 1.5M websites. Experts say that this vulnerability, which is an unauthenticated privilege escalation vulnerability in a REST API endpoint, is one of the worst WordPress related vulnerabilities to have emerged in some time. The issue was patched silently and mention was made in an update in the 'WordPress 4.7.2 Security Release' dated January 26, 2017. The update says- An additional serious vulnerability was fixed in this release and public disclosure was delayed. For more information on this vulnerability, additional mitigation steps taken, and an explanation for why disclosure was delayed, please read Disclosure of Additional Security Fix in WordPress 4.7.2.

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