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Customer Referrals for MSP

While there are ways to increase your MSP business without prospecting (link to other blog post), one of the most beneficial marketing techniques to consider is referral marketing. Generally, referral marketing will generate more positive results and higher sales compared to pursuing cold leads, because the business-customer relationship is jumpstarted. Referrals let you leverage credibility from your existing customers in order to build trust with new customers quicker.

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MSP Buster

For one reason or another, many people are still living under the misguided notion that their information is safe on their electronic devices. It's certainly less stressful to pay no mind to hackers, viruses, scams and breeches, but it is dangerous. As an IT service provider, you know that, but your client Jimmy, the small business owner, doesn't. At least not yet. Cybersecurity isn't a tangible threat; there is no robber entering Jimmy's office, stealing his computer and leaving everything he worked so hard to build in shambles, but there may as well be.

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Patch Management Best Practices

Patch Management may seem dreary and boring. But it is not something to be taken lightly. Patch management is of paramount importance to the overall security of an IT enterprise. In any IT system, patches can be updated automatically as well as manually through patch management software. In a large enterprise, if you are an IT administrator, it would be your responsibility to download necessary patch updates to the server and then roll out the patches to the endpoints based on defined policies. A patch management system, hence, plays a vital role.

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Service desk blogs

Congratulations! You are utilizing one of the most successful (and underrated) marketing strategies of the 21st century! You know that buyers consume content before making a purchasing decision - in fact, 47% consumed 3-5 pieces of content before taking the first step towards making a purchase. The biggest hurdle any business has to overcome is building trust with strangers, and blogs are an excellent way to do that. If you invest the time in maintaining a blog with your current and prospective clients, the ROI will be incredible.

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RMM Strength

What's the problem with the state of antivirus solutions today? Why is patch management so important? They say... Keep your operating system and software up to date.Don't click on suspicious links. Don't open emails from unknown senders. But that's more difficult a proposition than it may seem. You want to be setting your people up for success. But just like anything in life that requires changing of behavior, if you need to rely too heavily on attention to detail and constant willpower, you can't sustain long term success. In this case being prevention of the slightest cyber vulnerability.

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Organizations Security Measures

This climate denotes a critical defining moment with respect to overall digital hostility. The monstrous ransomware attacks on May 12 started in Europe and spread over the world contaminating more than 300,000 PCs in more than 150 nations. Those contaminated were gone up against with messages to pay $300 in bitcoin to open the documents on the tainted PC. The programmers were playing the rates that some number of PCs would not be legitimately fixed.

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rmm value adds

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools help MSPs run their businesses smoothly in two ways. First, they keep track of all the client devices subscribing to the MSP's services. Then, they also execute management tasks like patching updates and other such administrative tasks for the MSP's clients. As a result of these two key operations, the workload of MSPs reduces greatly, allowing them to focus more on the quality of the services they offer. Unfortunately, the general perception among MSPs is that the services of RMM end here; that they do not extend beyond keeping a tab on devices and executing administrative tasks.

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Pause Windows Patch Update

Let's face it. We all find Microsoft Windows Updates annoying at some point of time. Of course, there's no denying that these days Microsoft is making every effort to improve user experience and security by providing patches which fix bugs and introduce new functionality into its products, but the fact that these patch-related reboots, can sometimes occur at very inconvenient times, is something which cannot be totally ignored.

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