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enterprise remote monitoring

Digital transformation of businesses is the trend today. Processes, workflows and business cultures are today transformed to suit digitalization. Companies now sell products/services online, create mobile-friendly loyalty programs/coupon apps, automate quality assurance and testing programs, leverage IoT (Internet of Things) to make the most of the trend and adopt cloud platforms to handle quotes, pricing, orders etc.

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Patch Management Processess

Well, Microsoft ends its monthly Patch Tuesday security bulletins (also known as Update Tuesday) this month, replacing them with a new online database, plus automatic updates on Security Updates Guide. Microsoft had announced this in November itself in a blog post- "Security update information will be published as bulletins and on the Security Updates Guide until January 2017. After the January 2017 Update Tuesday release, we will only publish update information to the Security Updates Guide."

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Patch Management Security

We live in a world where malware and malware attacks are very common. The latest buzz in the malware world mostly concerns ransomware, which has been seen to cripple organizations and companies and forces them to pay ransom to get back on track again. It was in November last that San Francisco's Muni light rail public transportation system fell victim to a ransomware attack. This high-profile ransomware attack, as later revealed to the media by the attacker, was not pre-planned or deliberate.

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enterprise automated rmm

This is the era of IoT (Internet of Things), BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) and such other things that point to the relevance of digitally connected enterprises. In this scenario, it's the processing and storage of data that needs to be discussed the most and which also needs to be taken care on in the most professional of manners.

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