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Free Remote Access

Sometimes we need to access computers remotely from a different location. Like, for example, to access files residing in your workstation located at your workplace. Or to help your dad (who's probably not so good with computers) fix a simple issue. To do this, you need what is known as remote access tools, which let you 'remotely control' another computer, located in another part of the world.

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What is ITSM

A practicing process like DevOps, Continuous Delivery to transform into the digital world adds value to an organization. The question today is how relevant is ITSM?Technology is an integral part of every business, in that case, how good is IT for any business, even though we see a thin line between the two. They say ITSM is no longer a good thing to have with business, and some say it is good only with the service desk. We all know that ITSM is meant to deliver business capability; it is an enabler to realize real business.

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The benefits of the cloud have induced many enterprises to migrate to the cloud. Observing the immense benefits reaped by these enterprises, it is encouraging many other organizations to consider moving to the cloud. In many cases, the enterprises have no other option other than to compulsorily move to the cloud in order to stay competitive in the industry.

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Help Desk Support

Helpdesk in any company helps to retain customers by providing them prompt services with correct assistance to troubleshoot the system issues. This helps to build brand reputation and also improves good customer experience. The helpdesk system entitles technical experts to instantly respond to a variety of customer issues. This would ensure positive customer feedback and hence help companies maintain a good customer-business relationship.

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State of the Service Desk

The climate of digital transformation is on, automated and proactive approach on security would become more critical. The user experiences are getting changed. New advancement in technology and method can empower new experiences that surpass both work and life. Our trust of the organizations we purchase from are much higher than before, while the expectations set on us inside Information Technology are developing as well. So how do organizations guarantee that they stay aware of the competition?

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US Data Breach Cost in 2017

With the normal cost of data breaches rising - including per-record expenses of each data security breach - It is critical for organizations to accommodate a serious approach in reconstructing the information security system. As 2017 gets further in our time line as a look back, The recent concern in 2018 is to mandate changes by the way data security is dealt with. 80 percent of review respondents in the U.S and U.K. are looking to change the current IT security approach by either switching to managed service providers or adopting third party resources.

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