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Remote Monitoring and Management

If you are starting an MSP, this is one question that you need to ask yourself- PSA or RMM? PSA (Professional Services Automation) and RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) are basically related to MSP business and also concern people going in for a shift from break/fix to MSP or transitioning from being a sole practitioner to hiring a first employee. When business is thus evolving, it has to be decided whether to go for PSA or RMM. Let's explore both PSA and RMM in detail...

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msp trends

The managed services market is estimated to grow and thrive into a business worth $242.45 billion by 2021. With a compound annual growth rate of 10.8%, it is no surprise that more and more businesses are adopting for managed service providers or MSPs and RMM software is more a need rather than a luxury. Let's analyze a few trends and facts that the industry is supposed to concurrently witness.

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Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring and managing (RMM) software are a type of application used by IT service providers to maintain and manage the IT estates of their clients. The main objective of RMM platforms is to ensure tabulation of the client’s IT systems and its components including servers, desktops, applications and mobile devices as well. Also, RMM tools help with the efficient execution of maintenance of IT estates. Functions such as patching, software updates, configurations, and other such repair and up-keep functions can be done through remote locations rather than on-site.

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remote software

Data centers are very big business. With the data protection landscape changing rapidly, data center business will continue to grow further. The challenges involved are immense and are destined to become even more so in the future. Monitoring is very critical in data centers and reputed data centers monitor every detail diligently. There are many data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software packages available in the market. However, many have not been successful as they have not been able to meet the meticulous monitoring demands spelled out by data centers.

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