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Importance Of IT Infrastructure ManagementJune 05, 2018

IT infrastructure management involves many aspects, including management of several policies, processes, devices (like workstations, printers etc.), sensitive information, workforce management and many others. Managing all of them is not an easy task. Because of this, many businesses (usually big ones) seek the help of Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

This blog will take a look at what network security tools can be of great help to MSPs and small businesses when it comes to IT infrastructure management.

ITSM Tools

Centralized Administration and Monitoring

When it comes to IT infrastructure management, the most important element is centralized administration and monitoring. In other words, integration of several network monitoring and maintenance tools through a single console. This is because a centralized administration and monitoring console can provide 'a bird's eye view' of the entire network that is essential for effective IT infrastructure management.

Let's review the security tools that should be used for centralized administration and monitoring:

  • Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM): Remote monitoring and management tools are essential for centralized administration and monitoring of IT Infrastructure because there are thousands of devices within networks that need managing and maintenance. And 'remote takeover' provision is an extremely important function as managing these devices 'in person' is extremely difficult.
  • Patch Management: Another critical tool that cannot be ignored is patch management. An automated patch management system that ensures systematic patches will protect enterprises against security vulnerabilities. It helps MSPs to apply timely and systematic patches to the various devices within the network and ensures the networks’ safety against various security threats.
  • Mobile Device Management: Another network management tool responsible for managing and monitoring both in-house devices and mobile devices that connect to the network from outside. They are usually responsible for determining the device's network access rights, security settings, and other such preferences.

About Endpoint Manager

Endpoint Manager, which stands for IT Service Management, includes all of the above applications (Remote Management, Patch Management, and Mobile Device Management) and is a part of Comodo ONE group of products that also provides other network security products like Valkyrie Cloud-Based Analysis, Comodo Antispam Gateway, Acronis Backup etc., that as a package offer solid IT Service Management (ITSM) for enterprises.

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