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Securing Your ATM MachinesJuly 10, 2018


We are living in an age of digital payments. Which usually implies payment via contactless cards. And it seems that the traditional ATM(s) are now facing stiff competition from the newly emerging digital counterparts. And to ensure ATM(s) don't disappear totally, many banks have introduced ATM(s) which do not require bank cards to carry out the required transactions.

Risks Associated With ATM Banking

But this type of banking without ATM banking cards is not without its dangers. One good example of this is the recently emerged electronic fraud named 'ATM Jackpotting', a process in which cyber thieves physically install malware onto ATM(s), giving them control over how much money gets dispensed at a given time.

Banking Institutions Are Resorting To Remote Access Software

More and more banking institutions are resorting to remote access software in order to secure their ATM machines for network security. With the help of remote access software, banking institutions would be able to remotely update and protect machines across various regions from a central point, and more importantly, from a single console.

Network Assessment


Benefits Of Using Remote Access Software

ATM(s) Can Be Remotely Monitored: Remote Access Software is extremely useful because they help enterprises – not just banking institutions – remotely monitor as well as manage ATM(s), without the need for visiting each and every ATM in person, which would be a near-impossible task.

ATM(s) Can Be Remotely Patched: Like with all other devices, ATM(s) too need to be constantly updated and patched if they are to be safe from various security threats and vulnerabilities. Using Remote Access Software, all this can be achieved without much effort.

ATM(s) Will Become More Secure: Remote Access Software is not just about remote management and monitoring. They are also about increasing network security considering the fact that they streamline so many activities, including the need for attending to every machine personally.

ATM(s) Will Function Well: This is obvious. Because when everything is functioning smoothly, the chances of your ATM(s) going 'out of order' is very less. Another benefit of using Remote Access Software – downtime will reduce and uptime will increase greatly.

About Comodo One RMM

Comodo RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) which is a part of Comodo ONE platform comes equipped with impressive security features that make it one of the best in the IT security industry. What's more is that Comodo RMM, being a part of Comodo ONE, is not just about remote monitoring and management. It can help enterprises manage their entire IT infrastructure seamlessly. Therefore banking institutions can benefit a lot from Comodo's remote access software.

RMM Software

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