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How Enterprises Can Benefit From Remote Desktop ControlDecember 05, 2017

Remote Desktop Control


Remote Desktop is the technology administrators use to remotely access user computers present at different locations to fix, update, and carry out other network maintenance activities.

Sometimes known as RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tools or software, they are widely employed by enterprises globally to run IT administrative maintenance tasks and ensure enterprise networks operate smoothly without any glitches. Doing so, in turn, increases enterprise productivity, as these tools basically optimize the 'enterprise resources' and ensure they are available 24/7 to employees.

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What Can Remote Desktop Software Do?

The capabilities of Remote Access or Remote Control software do not end at providing IT administrators the rights to remotely access and unlock user computers or fix crashed ones. RMM tools are responsible for the general upkeep of the network computers, and ensure this by executing tasks like patch management, device management, and security management.

Remote Desktop Control Usually Helps Enterprises With:

  • Implementing Patch Management - Using this tool, IT administrators can remotely push or deploy timely security patches onto enterprise networks and thereby ensure their networks stay secure against the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape. Comodo RMM helps enterprises with patch management. Learn More.
  • Implementing Mobile Device Management - With this tool, it becomes easy for IT administrators to remotely manage and monitor various devices (including mobile devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.) which may be a part of the enterprise network. They will be able to easily track machine status and fix affected machines. Comodo RMM also includes Mobile Device Management. Learn More.
  • Implementing Network Security Policies - Probably the most important benefit of all, RMM tools usually allow IT administrators to create and implement security policies for network devices. These security policies protect enterprise networks from various cyberattacks and malware. Endpoint Manager helps enterprises implement the necessary security policies. Learn More.
  • And Much More - There's much more IT administrators can accomplish using RMM tools, like running scheduled network virus scans, sending notification alerts to network users, protecting networks against malware attacks using advanced endpoint protection, etc. Learn More.

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Benefits of Using Remote Desktop Software

Enterprises (as well as MSPs supporting IT infrastructure of enterprise networks) can benefit greatly from using Remote Desktop Software. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved Operations: RMM helps enterprise conduct day-to-day operations efficiently and in a seamless manner. This can reduce downtime drastically.
  • Improved Productivity: Reduced downtime will eventually translate into improved enterprise productivity.
  • Reduced Costs: With an efficient network maintenance system in place, enterprise related costs are bound to come down drastically.

What If We Told You All These Network Maintenance Tools (Not Just Remote Desktop Software) Are Available For Free?

Believe it or not, it's true. Our Comodo ONE platform - which has been specifically designed for MSP(s) and Corporate IT administrators alike - is an online initiative from Comodo which comes equipped with a host of free network maintenance applications like Patch Management, Mobile Device Management, Endpoint Manager etc., which can be used to manage enterprise network infrastructure easily and effectively.

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With Comodo ONE, subscribers also get Service Desk, the IT user ticket management system, for free. This means that all Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) related issues can be successfully converted into IT tickets and handled systematically. Another benefit of subscribing to Comodo ONE services.

Here's the full list of Comodo ONE Services:

Free Management Capabilities:

  • Endpoint Manager for effectively managing client devices
  • Comodo Remote Monitoring/Management for effectively monitoring client networks
  • Comodo Patch Management for applying timely security patches
  • Comodo Service Desk for efficiently resolving Client Complaints (or Tickets)
  • Comodo Valkyrie Cloud-Based File Analysis for checking file integrity
  • Comodo Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for managing customers
  • Comodo Quote Manager for easily generating and dispatching client business quotes
  • Other Tasks like Auto-Discovery/Deployment, Network Assessment etc.,

Subscription Based Services:

  • Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection for making client networks hackproof
  • Comodo C-Watch for protecting client websites
  • Comodo Antispam Gateway for ensuring client Email integrity
  • Comodo Acronis Backup for performing efficient backups (both cloud-based and local)
  • Comodo Dome Shield for regulating client's website traffic
  • And Integration Of Other Third Party Services
  • Free Core Services:

    • Dashboard Management and Reporting: dashboard which integrates data obtained across various applications which the user subscribes to.
    • Staff Administration and User Management: a common interface for managing staff and users present across various applications which the user subscribes to.
    • License and Asset Management: free management of licenses and assets available across various applications which the user subscribes to.
    • Account and Application Management: free user account/application management.
    • Various Portal Setups: separately dedicated portals for staff as well as users.
    • Comprehensive Help Guides: for understanding how Comodo ONE applications work.

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    Comodo ONE Platform Is A One-Stop Solution For MSP(s) & IT Administrators

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