What is RMM?

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a network management software
or remote IT management that is devised to manage IT service providers (MSPs).
The software monitors users' endpoints, computers and networks from remote.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

The Comodo ONE IT operating platform helps you operate more efficiently with comprehensive remote management, monitoring and support of all your endpoints and devices for proactive hands-on remote management from a single page of glass. Included are Windows Event Logs and applications that are critical to monitor operations, network performance, and security.

*RMM, Service Desk & Patch Management. All in one. All for free.
Powerful Monitoring & Alerting for Managed Services

Define your own monitoring parameters for managed services and receive immediate notification of any problems or changes in your systems. Receive instant alerts so you know when critical servers have issues. Find out as soon as a user tries to alter a configuration or when there is a security risk. Comodo One IT Operation Platform helps you be proactive with instant alerts so you can keep your organization running efficiently.

Monitor and receive and alerts when:
  • Disk space is running low
  • Disk space consumption momentum
  • Folder size is growing high
  • File size is growing high
  • Services running or stopped
  • Processes running or not
  • Servers going down
Alert types and configurations include:
  • Monitor the event log
  • Monitor computer online/offline status
  • Periodically check TCP connection to a specified host name / IP:port
  • Periodically check a device connectivity using its hostname, fully qualified domain name or an IP Address with pinging
  • Periodically check the web page content of the specified URL
Automated LAN Discovery and Deployment
  • Discovery of all devices on the network
  • View known and unknown devices
  • Easily identify mobile devices
  • Easy deployment of your RMM package or any other package to discovered devices
  • Deploy any type of installation packages like .msi or .exe with both x64 and x86 compability
Easy, Fast Deployment and Fully Integrated
  • Instantly deploy and run in minutes
  • Cloud-based, no software to install
  • Simple to administer users and policies
  • Intiutive to use
  • No maintenance required
  • Automatically updated
  • Tightly integrated into Service Desk, CRM, Patch management and other Comodo ONE components
  • Highly qualified technical consultants help you with Implementation for free
Comprehensive Reports
  • User defined
  • Scheduled or on-demand
  • Email notification
  • Export to PDF
  • Executive
  • Detailed
  • Per customer
Seven Methods of Monitoring
  • Alerts – Customized alerts in the form of email, ticket or portal / mobile notification
  • Monitor Sets - Uses Windows Performance Counters
  • Event Log - Windows Event Logs monitoring
  • External System Check - Monitors external systems from managed devices
  • Log Monitoring - Monitors log files and directories
  • Disk Monitoring – Monitors system and other disks
  • Process and Service Monitoring – Monitors processes and service status
Powerful Scripting Using Python
  • Write scripts based on Python, an easy-to-use, proven cross platform scripting tool.
  • liRepurpose ready-to-use scripts from Comodo's Extensive Library growing larger every day.
  • Need something special? Script Writing by Comodo's Automation Experts is FREE..Just tell them what you want, voila!
3 Steps to success:
1. We will help you implement Comodo ONE
2. We will help guide and train you so you will become a Comodo ONE expert
3. We will write the scripts for you to automate your business -- all for FREE!
All for FREE!

Comodo One Understanding Procedures

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Based in Gendringen, Netherlands, Marly Computers vof is a managed services provider that has been helping local companies with their IT needs since 2001. The company prides itself on its hands-on approach and personal attention it delivers to its cross section of customers in healthcare, education, manufacturing and technology industries with IT hardware, software and services solutions designed to aid its customers use technology to advance their businesses.

"Many customers of Marly Computers vof are small to medium sized businesses, who truly appreciate our hands-on and dedicated approach we take to solve their IT challenges. Our technical team is always on the road helping our clients, and the lack of a remote management and monitoring system in place always created a challenge for us. Since taking advantage of Comodo One's remote management features and offerings, we started seeing faster response times, quicker remediation and improved management of our customers. We are very happy to be an early adopter of the Comodo One managed services platform and look forward to exploring more of its offerings in the months to come."

Mr. Michel Engelbarts, CEO, Marly Computers vof