RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management)

RMM is an endpoint monitoring application that allows administrators to monitor and manage multiple endpoints from one centralized console.

What is RMM?

RMM (Remote monitoring and management) is an endpoint and network monitoring application that allows managed service providers (MSPs) to monitor and manage endpoints, computers, mobile devices, and networks remotely from a centralized console. RMM helps MSPs improve workflow efficiency and service quality.

History of Remote Monitoring and Management

With the emergence of computers in 1950s, network management tools took its place in the digital platform getting integrated with the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). This ensured a break-fix model to trouble shoot the issue through on-site servicing. As an enhancement, experts framed processes to go on-site for a maintenance check of the IT devices rnning on the client's network. However, this was a tedious task to move on.

The pilot version of managed IT solution tools came into inception with SNMP to send information to the IT technician. However the system found it complex to manage networks from giant companies. In 2005, with an advancement in technology, companies managed to exploit the managed services which were accessed by the Fortune 500 companies. Thus RMM technology evolved to support managed services so as to assist expert staff to exploit MSP to service the businesses – be it small or medium in the market.

What is RMM?
Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Service Desk
  • Patch Management
  • Quote Manager
  • Network Assessment Tool
  • Comodo Cleaning Essentials
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What does RMM Software do?

The RMM refers to the monitoring software that identifies and reports problems to the service providers, allowing experts (RMM experts) to fix such identified issues. It involves in active maintenance updating the OS, antivirus definitions, de-fragmenting hard disks and more. The RMM software is a handy and an efficient tool for system administrator.

Functions of Remote Monitoring Software:

  • Up-to-date information on the status and updates of the users' software and networks.
  • Furnishes the MSP with latest data and activity
  • Instant generation of tickets - once problems are identified
  • Consistent watch over of the users' network and device status and health
  • Simultaneously track multiple clients and endpoints

RMM Features & Benefits

Fast setup & deployment

Quickly import users, devices and endpoints via full LDAP and Active Directory integration.

Panoramic Control

Essential solutions are managed through one interface allowing you to view, manage and understand customer requirements like never before.

Save time & money

Automate your daily tasks and standardize existing processes to increase efficiency, improve quality-of-service and deepen customer relationships.

Real-time Communication

Chat with customers in real-time and remotely apply fixes without ever leaving the console.


Built-in wizards let you create reusable processes to solve even the most complex customer issues.

Reports & Logs

Quickly generate extensive reports on discovered threats, device and endpoint events, user activity, push statistics and more.

Latest OS Support

Provide service to customers running even the latest OS builds and releases.

Get involved

Exclusive access to product forums and the MSP Consortium give you an active voice in the
Comodo ONE roadmap.

No Charge

Comodo ONE's tightly integrated RMM, Service Desk and Patch Management solutions are made available at no charge to all MSPs.

Advanced IT Maintenance without taking over remote PC’s

The RMM technology sees a much higher and potential advancement by providing maintenance without taking control over PCs at remote; Program Manager, Service Manager and Task Manager, run scripts, uninstall applications, install patches and more.

Remote Access Management

During the process of RMM installation, an impression called agent is installed on the users' workstations, mobile devices, servers and other endpoints. The agent stands a liaison and communicates about the complete status and health of the device to the MSP. The agent also helps the MSP to get a clear acumen on the device status and gives a heads-up, if there exists any issues and resolves them from remote. An automated ticket is created, when the agent identifies any issue in the machine. The ticket is categorised based on the type and the severity of the issue. This stands a criterion for the MSP to decide and prioritise critical issues and works on it to fix it in the first place.

The RMM experts are good to install software, manage security patch fixes, update software and much alike through remote access.

How to Identifying a Safe and Smart RMM platform?

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Based in Gendringen, Netherlands, Marly Computers vof is a managed services provider that has been helping local companies with their IT needs since 2001. The company prides itself on its hands-on approach and personal attention it delivers to its cross section of customers in healthcare, education, manufacturing and technology industries with IT hardware, software and services solutions designed to aid its customers use technology to advance their businesses.

"Many customers of Marly Computers vof are small to medium sized businesses, who truly appreciate our hands-on and dedicated approach we take to solve their IT challenges. Our technical team is always on the road helping our clients, and the lack of a remote management and monitoring system in place always created a challenge for us. Since taking advantage of Comodo One's remote management features and offerings, we started seeing faster response times, quicker remediation and improved management of our customers. We are very happy to be an early adopter of the Comodo One managed services platform and look forward to exploring more of its offerings in the months to come."

Mr. Michel Engelbarts, CEO, Marly Computers vof