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RMM Solutions for a Successful Managed Security Services OfferingJuly 17, 2017

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Three Key Factors of Managed Security Services

There are three key factors for the success of managed security services. Any managed services provider (MSP) who wants to provide security-as-a-service offering and wants to be successful must strongly build upon these three key factors — skilled personnel, advanced technology, and employee education.

Changing Roles and Expectations

The role of an MSP has drastically changed over the last 20 years. The rapid increase in digitalization, cloud computing, skilled IT personnel, and more sophisticated cyber attacks have made businesses subscribing to MSPs to ramp up their demanding expectations. In the competing world, MSPs strive to stand apart from the crowd by providing better service delivery. With increasing sophistication in cyber attacks, small and medium businesses (SMBs) dread facing any malware attack, such as a ransomware attacks that could lock down systems, hold data to ransom and loss of data. This also leads to loss of business and trust from customers who would probably switch over to another MSP vendor who provides better, effective security — from new and evolving threats.

Challenging Security Needs

It is challenging for SMBs to tackle advanced persistent threats and zero-day threats. Gaining the many benefits of MSPs is useful for SMBs. As demands increase, they look for "more" in MSPs and hence MSPs must strive to provide that "more".

Cyber security software

The effectiveness, robustness, and ease of use of the cyber security software would be evaluated by the SMB. As stated earlier, the software must be effective against zero-day threats and other advanced persistent malware. It should also include a firewall. In case the IT systems have suffered a breach, the MSP must have well spelled out mitigation strategies that enable quick recovery of systems and data. There should be minimal disruption to business. MSPs would be able to provide exceptional service only if they employ a robust Remote Monitoring Management Solution and a Backup and Recovery Solution. Providing such services would impress potential clients and existing customers would notice the proactive security measures. Taking care of all these on their own would be quite difficult and cost-ineffective for SMBs.

Skilled Cyber Security Specialists

Skilled cyber security human resources are an expensive commodity, and the IT security infrastructure would be only as good as their skills. While it may not be feasible for an SMB to directly employ such personnel, an MSP must spare no pain in engaging the services of a skilled cyber security team. Considering the evolving nature of malware, it would require significant skills to detect new suspicious, malicious behavior.

Employee Education

The endpoint is considered to be the weakest point in an enterprise network. The human factor can be tempted and duped through phishing emails with malicious attachments. End users must be educated about phishing attacks and other forms of malicious attacks. They must be instructed to be alert and report any suspicious behavior immediately to the cyber security administrators.

Using RMM for effective utilization of cyber security software, employing skilled cyber security specialists and educating employees on security measures will enable an MSP to provide impressive service that would help satisfy existing clients and gain new customers.

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