RMM Reviews

Before You Read a Lot of RMM Reviews

Managed IT services require a great deal of hardware and software in addition to a lot of knowledge on network security issues. You could be searching a while and sifting through a maze of rmm reviews, trying to find what you need and wondering which software will work best for your msp company. Before you do this, how about taking a look at Comodo One open source psa rmm platform? We just might be able to save you a great deal of time, money and headaches.

Why Comodo One?

The most obvious reason to choose Comodo One is price, you can check out hundreds of rmm reviews and you will not find a lower price for this platform. How can we be so sure? Because it is free. There is no charge for the software and the seven modules which come with it, and most RMM reviews cannot make this claim for any other software program.

The Benefits of "Free"

As you sort through the many free rmm reviews online, why choose a software program which costs you nothing to install or use? Let's explore some of the obvious (and not so obvious) reasons to consider:

  • Easy on the budget - unless money is no object, your budget will appreciate the fact you pay nothing for remote management and monitoring software. And if money really doesn't matter much to you, what are you doing in the IT management business? Of course, you provide valuable services and help to improve businesses, but you also have to pay bills and eat, so money is something important to most of us today.
  • No limited time free trials - when you read some rmm reviews you may see "free trial" but this doesn't mean the software is free. It means you have a limited amount of time to try the program, and after this trial period you must pay or remove the software. This can be a good thing but at the same time, it's not the same thing as installing free software.
  • No bloatware - some software products come with programs you didn't expect. In the rmm reviews they may be referred to as "bonus items". However, their real purpose may be to generate more money for the software developer and these additional programs usually have very little (if anything) to do with helping your business. Instead, they sit there taking up resources and do little else. With open source programs like Comodo One, there is no reason to be concerned with meaningless programs.
  • No software upgrades to pay for - many types of business software packages do not come with free upgrades, and you may not see this in the rmm reviews. It is not something a software company may want you to know about, because it adds to its cost and they want to present the lowest possible price to remain competitive. Comodo One open source software is tweaked and upgraded continually by a community of developers with the interests of msp companies in mind, and this feature costs nothing extra.

The Value of PSA Integration

If you read many rmm reviews you'll see that many do not mention psa integration. In fact, you could pay a great deal of money for a remote monitoring and management program and not receive any psa functions. With Comodo One, PSA is integrated into the platform. Check out these features:

  • Customer service assistance - the service desk module automates a great deal of your customer service needs and makes trouble tickets far less trouble than before. You won't have to write down each ticket and check to see if it was followed up. This is part of the job of the software. It will make it much easier on your staff, as well as improve efficiency and create a better customer experience. An enhanced service desk can generate a lot of positive customer rmm reviews.
  • Upgrading customer operating systems and programs - one of the modules you receive from Comodo One automates the process of patching. This is a good strategy for keeping a network secure and you can take care of this need for your customers. The features are easy to use and allow for simple and efficient upgrades without the need for downtime. This not only improves customer efficiency but yours also.
  • Mobile management - what are you going to do about mobile device security for your customers? If you are not careful, this could become a nightmare if customers cannot access their data when needed or a breach occurs in the mobile network. Comodo One provides efficient and automated MDM with many excellent features. So, when you think about rmm reviews, why not try Comodo One first. You may not need to look elsewhere. Call (972) 649-9012 for a live demonstration or visit https://one.comodo.com/on the Web for more info.