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How MSPs are benefitted using Remote Monitoring (RMM)April 20, 2021

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How Remote Monitoring Management can help MSPs

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offering various IT Services often cannot handle everything on their own when it comes to meeting their clientele's requirements. Chiefly because their clientele would be spread out across the globe. Therefore these MSPs cannot rely on a "break-fix model" when it comes to solving their client's issues. What they need is a dedicated Remote Monitoring Managment (RMM) tool.

What are Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) Tools?

These are endpoint and network monitoring application software which assist managed service providers (MSPs) "monitor as well as manage" various devices that are a part of a company's IT infrastructure remotely. Simply put, they help various MSPs "manage their clients remotely" without having to visit their client site every time an issue arises.

This proves hugely beneficial for MSPs as they can focus more on bettering the services they offer than on monitoring and maintaining their client's network. In short, remote monitoring and management tools help MSPs become more productive.

How do they do what they do?

RMM tools install "agents" on the client's systems. These agents constantly monitor the condition of the client devices and are always on the lookout for any anomalous behavior. This data helps MSPs to become proactive when it comes to handling client issues.


  1. Reduced Downtime: By providing constant monitoring and proactive capabilities to MSPs, remote management helps them to reduce their downtime greatly. This is one of the huge benefits for MSPs when they integrate with remote monitoring management tools. And reduced downtime means better service. Better service implies more clients.
  2. Increased Productivity: With RMM to take care of client's infrastructure, MSPs can focus more on bettering the services they have on offer, as they will have some valuable time in hand — with remote monitoring backing them up — which could be put to better use.
  3. Reduced Travel Costs: MSP providers will no longer be required to travel to client sites to fix issues. Irrespective of where clients are located, MSPs will be able to fix their issues without having to travel to their location. This aspect of remote monitoring is especially useful for businesses which are located in distant or rural locations.
  4. Immediate Issue Fixing: With a 24/7 surveillance system around for monitoring the client's IT infrastructure, the chances of fixing issues before they actually occur increase. In other words, MSPs can become proactive — via behavioral analysis — when it comes to handling client issues.
  5. Automation: With remote monitoring, most of the regular IT administrative tasks like patch management (or deployment) and other such updates can be easily automated. This again reduces the burden on MSP(s) allowing them to function efficiently.


RMM is a must-have for all MSP(s) irrespective of the size of the clientele they might be handling. Because the benefits they offer are indispensable; something any MSP cannot afford to lose — if they wish to keep their clientele happy.

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