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Benefits of Having Remote Monitoring Tools to your enterpriseMay 05, 2021

RMM Service Benefits


The Benefits Remote Monitoring Tools to Your Company

Many people might think that IT companies only serve "local businesses" which can be true to managed service providers (MSPs). Well, technology is evolving and you might be surprised how can someone from another state will be able to control your IT requirements. For example, an administrator may be responsible for a network which covers several states and regions and keeping up with all the computers and endpoints can be an intimidating task. Thankfully, remote management and monitoring software like Comodo One is available and here are the reasons to choose RMM for your business.

What then is an RMM?

RMM is an endpoint and network monitoring software or remote management application software that allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to proactively monitor and manage endpoints, computers, mobile devices, and networks remotely from a centralized console.

The Benefit You can Gain from Remote Monitoring Tools

MSP and Device Location Doesn't Matter

MSP business work a full-time 24 hour monitoring. But of course, we don't wanna stress out the admin by a 24 hour shift. That's crazy! RMM makes the admins' lives so much easier.

If any issues happens late at night or on a glorious weekend, RMM can handle that for the admin. The RMM can send emails and prompt the admin that something is going on. Does the location of the PC matter? No. The admin can relax and work at home if needed. He just needs an Internet connection and an available computer to work with.

Network Safety

What more should we assure to you? RMM surely makes everything running smoothly and okay. The programs receive a real time information on attempted hacking or breaching activity to the network. Oh this software does make your life so much easier!

Limit User Access

RMM determines who can have an access to whatever endpoint or device. When you limit access to people, it becomes much more harder for cybercriminals to steal or breach into your network. Though there are chances that a smart hacker can compromise part of your network, they still must have an admin permission to get any important data.

The IT Personnel can be Assigned to Different Places

If your company has an extensive network, you might be needing a lot of IT personnel to administer all the phases of the operation. Good thing that RMM is available for your staff to use in other branches of your company even if they're out of the country. They can definitely use it to any servers.

Save Money on Travel Expenses

Just like the first benefit, the admin can control and manage the network anywhere without spending money on travel. The network is just a click away from their computers since RMM is cloud based. It saves time and money. Plus, your IT personnel can relax on his vacation days.

What is EDR? EDR refers to endpoint detection and response, a set of tools designed to identify & protect endpoints from cyber threats. Find out more.


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