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Professionals Services Automation and Remote Monitoring and ManagementDecember 26, 2016


A managed services provider (MSP) must endeavor to provide better services. As in all businesses, collecting and analyzing the data is very important as it would help in improving the total business process and provide a better experience for its customers. In the end it should lead to increased revenue and expansion. Business data analytics is a must needed weapon for MSPs to survive. To this end, businesses must adopt automation for better capturing of data involved. Business services automation requires professionals services automation (PSA) or Services Help Desk Management, along with Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM).

Services Help Desk Management or PSA or IT Help Desk and Ticketing System is considered as help desk software and it forms the backbone of the complete managed services platform. The PSA has more features than an ordinary Help Desk system. It integrates with other management systems used in a business environment for easier and more effective management. PSAs can be used to collect plenty of data that can be analyzed and the inferred data can be used productively.

1. Time Tracking

In traditional systems, plenty of time that had been spent on tickets/issues had not been tracked due to incapabilities of the software used. However, a good Help Desk software helps capture even the miniscule amount of time spent by anybody in the workflow who has to handle any ticket. Time spent by each personnel is captured and this helps bill the client for the appropriate amount. This has helped many organizations discover the ways they were losing money when they were providing services and associated support calls.

2. Data Storage and Data Redundancy

All the data involved in the business must be stored in a central repository (maybe the cloud), and must be easily accesible by all authorized personnel. It must also be accessible by authorized BYOD systems as businesses have become more dynamic these days. Access to centralized data will allow authorized personnel to run appropriate reports and infer data through analyzing tools. The facility of centralized facility helps track customers, their requests, the time taken to address their requests and the billable time for the associated tickets.

3. Automation Benefits

Automation of repetitive tasks is where MSPs stand to gain in profits. In typical scenarios, businesses will have a process flow and many of their requests/tickets can be handled by automated processes. This saves time and provides more efficient service. Processes such as invoicing can be automated to save time and ensure accuracy.

4. RMM Component

The requirements of PSA need to be addressed through remote monitoring and management (RMM). Help Desk system needs are addressed through RMM of the endpoint systems. Further, as BYOD is being encouraged, more varieties of BYOD devices are used in any business venture. These have to be safeguarded through robust endpoint protection systems that are constantly monitored through RMM.

RMM and PSA go hand-in-hand for the betterment of business services.

PSA RMM Integration Benefits

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