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Small Businesses Can Benefit from Using RMMOctober 31, 2017

In contrast to IT projects that tend to be one-time transactions, MSPs usually charge a flat monthly fee under the subscription model. MSPs often provide their offerings under a service-level agreement. It is a contractual arrangement between the MSP and its customer that enumerates the performance and quality metrics that will regulate the relationship.

Most MSPs apply remote monitoring and management (RMM) software to keep tabs on clients' IT functions, so they can keep track of labor fees and improve efficiency. RMM software allows MSPs remotely troubleshoot and fix issues with servers and endpoint devices. With RMM, MSPs can manage numerous customers' IT systems at once.

Does Your Business Need Managed Service Provider?

It's a hundred percent clear that almost all types of businesses are now relying on IT system — may it be a cash register or price scanner. The common MSP customers are mostly small and medium-sized businesses, and it's understandable if they have limited understanding of their IT requirements.

For a small scale business owner, contacting your IT experts every time there's a problem can be very ineffective.

Benefits of Having an MSP

  • With a guaranteed Service Level Agreement, you benefit from improved service
  • As specified in the SLA, the cost is predictable and you'll be able to plan out for your IT service needs.
  • Reduced downtime and IT problems
  • You get access to highly resilient, highly secure IT Infrastructure
  • Your business is always technologically updated

Why It Makes Sense to have Managed Service?

The ever-changing IT landscape gives a problematic, unpredictable service. If you try fix them by yourself, the damage might be worsening. Thus, getting a managed service provider could be the best solution to manage your IT Service needs.

Compared to those offered under an SLA by an MSP, businesses running without managed IT services typically find that support response times are longer. (That's because the traditional service provider is not obliged by contractual agreement stipulating response times.)

Comodo explains Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Comodo provides MSPs with an RMM software that identifies and reports problems, thus allowing experts to fix such issues. It helps to execute tasks like active maintenance, updating the OS, antivirus definitions, de-fragmenting hard disks, etc. Comodo RMM provides MSPs current information as regards status/updates of users' software/networks, provides latest data and activity report, causes instant generation of tickets when issues are identified, helps keep consistent watch over user's network and device health and tracks multiple clients/endpoints. The benefits provided include fast setup & deployment, real-time communication, latest OS support, panoramic control, automation, quick generation of extensive reports and logs etc.

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RMM Business Benefits

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