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Should Your MSP RMM Software Include Security?

If you provide msp IT services to clients you have to wear more than one hat. For one thing, you may need to monitor user activities, software applications, upgrades, server computers, network capacity, and also take care of data backup. However, the most important features include security. This can be a part of your msp RMM Software or you can purchase it separately and then integrate it into your system. So which is the best choice today? Let's look at this situation a little closer and explore the options.

Is This the Best Possible Security?

The msp RMM program you are considering may come with adequate security. However, adequate is not enough for today's businesses. It only takes one security breach to cause an enormous amount of problems. For example, the cost of crisis management and fixing all the things a breach may create can be enough to overwhelm many managed service providers.

So how do you know if your security measures are good enough? You'll need to do some homework and some online comparisons, and it starts with comparing msp rmm software packages. For example, some packages offer security breach alerts yet this may not be enough. This is why Comodo offers Watch Network.

Watch Network lets you enjoy several security features from a single platform. Here is what it can do:

  • Intrusion detection
  • Network monitoring
  • Application detection
  • Packet processing
  • Protocol inspection

These security features can result in very fast response times because the network sensor can generate data and logs which can then be correlated and classified by Comodo cyber security experts. This way, data does not have to be filtered through a lot of rules and queries before getting to the customer.

In addition to these benefits you enjoy full package capture (FPC), and this is a very important part of msp rmm software today. But why is this so important? Let's look at what FPC is.

What is FPC?

Pocket capture is defined as the ability to trap data packets as they move through a network. Ideally, these pockets are isolated so they can be examined. When an msp rmm program has full pocket capture capability it is capable of monitoring, detecting, and isolating all data packet activity on the network. Here is what it can do:

  • Monitoring traffic - FPC has the ability to tell who is where and what they are doing. It can identify which ports were used for entry, which files were checked and what data was dispatched as a result.
  • Record activity - FPC can record all suspicious data activity and provide you with the necessary data for tracking and identification.
  • Data recovery - a good FPC program can reassemble files which were used on the network by the intruder. It does this by scanning and examining the data packets. This makes it much more difficult for the bad guys to hide their activity after they have left. In some cases, an entire malware program can be reassembled from the data left behind. It can also tell you what kinds of files were copied or removed.
  • Finding the location of an attacker can be difficult because of modern encryption methods. However, an msp rmm program containing FPC can help you decrypt illegal traffic in some cases.


Programs and operating systems are the constant target of attackers and eventually vulnerabilities will be uncovered. If your msp rmm software does not have the ability to manage fixes to these problems, it is not secure. Keeping up with all the updates and patches for an entire network can be a daunting task so what can you do?

Comodo One's msp rmm Patch Module makes keeping up with all the security updates, much easier. It lets you schedule updates, so they can be applied automatically. Plus, your customers won't have to worry about downtime associated with updating because they can be applied by several options. For example, they may be scheduled for a specific time, group or users. You also can set it up to alert the right people about compliance issues.

There are many other excellent features and benefits with msp rmm software from Comodo. You can also include advance endpoint protection and cloud backup services. After you check out all it has to offer, you may realize there is no need to purchase outside security software when some of the best is free. Call us at (973) 859 4000 ext 3025 for a live demonstration.

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