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The State of the Service Desk in 2018: What do you need to know?February 05, 2018

The climate of digital transformation is on, automated and proactive approach on security would become more critical.

The user experiences are getting changed. New advancement in technology and method can empower new experiences that surpass both work and life. Our trust of the organizations we purchase from are much higher than before, while the expectations set on us inside Information Technology are developing as well. So how do organizations guarantee that they stay aware of the competition?

The key element to assure good and satisfied customer experience happens only when there exists a great employee experience; for any organization that has to accomplish the same, the right set of tools are to be provided to the employee to get them deliver customer expectations. To be more precise, efficient techniques and proactive services would be good aides to improve productivity of the employees.

To discover the present success rate of service desks of the organizations, their practices, complexities they confront, why a few companies are battling and what might help, we did a free investigation: The State of Service Desk Report. The investigation assesses information, from more than 12,000 worldwide service desk and service desk experts over different businesses to see how the community on service management can gain from the best and roll out improvements that can make an enduring effect of better employee experiences.

The Current IT Service Management: works better with less

For ITSM, "accomplishing more with less" has turned into a comprehensive principle. While this ought to be a positive objective, in a few conditions it has limited the vision for ITSM to center around littler, unit-level measurements as opposed to overall results of the business.

Today, service desk experts depend intensely on ITSM software and methods to serve their clients inside the business. The volume of help requests has kept on developing, while the financial plans accessible for ITSM and support have stayed static or even contracted. Today, our exploration verifies this with the findings mentioned below:

  1. Availability of average 15 support desk agents for each 1500 workers
  2. Average time to solve a ticket is 10 hours
  3. The tickets to support desk experts ratio is 120:1

What can ITSM groups do to advance beyond this issue? ITSM groups should find ways to computerize better and more activities. Instant and flexible work process design have enhanced the productivity of support desk. It has additionally diminished the issue of how to manage interaction outside its domain. This evacuates one of the real pieces on conveying better service.

Proactive Versus Responsive

The present IT Service desk software should be lined up with business results and basic achievement factors so as to have the capacity to work proficiently. Sadly, we've discovered that 52% of service desk experts aren't happy with their present service desk arrangement. Around 69% of service desk experts invest most of their time dealing with issues because of overwhelming workload and ineffective issue management forms.

While incident administration expects to determine events and reestablish service back to typical, issue administration is more proactive and identifies the underlying reason for these episodes. As per our research, we found that service desks that utilized third party issue management system figured out how to lessen the volume of occurrences by 40%. These service desks have identified repeating occurrences, featured them as issues, and possessed the capacity to decrease their general episode numbers - subsequently, enhancing their productivity. By adopting a proactive strategy to finding and taking care of issues, ITSM groups can take immense steps towards meeting their effective targets. While computerization can help enhance effectiveness by a quarter, this proactive approach can offer much more.

Our findings show that these are the following top three priorities for experts to provide the best service desk solutions:

  • Enhancing the performance of the service desk
  • Enhancing the value of service desk to the business
  • Setting up an automated process

The Future:

Enhancing the service and utilities of ITSM departments and service desk experts. Ingraining the advancement in technology demands a lot of time and effort. Proactive approach of automation and self-service technology tools would make it future-proof.

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