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Evolution of the Powerful and Secure Service DeskMarch 22, 2017

msp secure service desk

For any organization today, demands of digital business would exert great pressure on the service desk, wanting it to become more responsive, more efficient and at the same time drive down costs. All this happens at a time when cyber attacks are on the rise and are threatening all kinds of businesses, big and small.

Today it's important for companies to use automation for accelerating the ability to respond to tickets. At the same time, it would indeed be great if a company could also close the loop and use automation to help deploy changes as well, especially those that might help remediate vulnerabilities fast. This helps companies save on costs and save or build up their brand reputation as well.

In the process of evolving and becoming more powerful and increasingly secure, service desks today opt to bridge the gap between security teams and operations teams and enable prioritizing tickets related to vulnerabilities. This is done while following best practice change management processes and incorporating tracking and other key functions. This provides timely, consistent automated security protection and also helps ensure closed-loop compliance with full automation of all change-related activities. Thus, it provides increased security for the enterprise and less stress for the employees.

As already mentioned, bridging the gap between the security teams and the operations teams and prioritization are of critical importance. Tickets that are opened by security teams are handed over to the service desk to prioritize and to remediate vulnerabilities. IT web security teams run vulnerability scans while the operations team would strive to fix them. When there is a lack of coordination between the teams, which causes a gap called the SecOps Gap, delays occur between the time vulnerabilities are identified and they are patched. Thus it becomes important that the SecOps Gap is bridged and the processes between the two teams are automated, to mitigate risks to the business. For these technologies that deliver a proactive approach are employed, which helps improve a company's security posture.

As service desks become increasingly secure and more powerful, the time to provision or patch servers is reduced. It becomes easier to scan data and prioritize remediation and there is consistency in patching and updating security threats and vulnerabilities. Today's integrated solutions help protect data security and also help in reducing the time needed to create compliance reports.

Service Desk Evolution

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