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The Best Service Desk Software in 2018February 09, 2018

Helpdesk in any company helps to retain customers by providing them prompt services with correct assistance to troubleshoot the system issues. This helps to build brand reputation and also improves good customer experience. The helpdesk system entitles technical experts to instantly respond to a variety of customer issues. This would ensure positive customer feedback and hence help companies maintain a good customer-business relationship. Helpdesk solutions varies depending on the requirements of internal IT setup much pliable to suit Small and Medium-sized businesses and even larger businesses.

There are many options to choose the best Service Desks. Each of them vary in relevance to different aspects and features. This article projects a comparison of helpdesks in the market.

The Best 5 Service Desk Softwares of 2018.

  • Comodo One Service Desk
  • Atlassian - Jira Service Desk
  • Freshworks – Freshservice
  • Zoho - ManageEngine - ServiceDesk Plus
  • Ivanti - ITSM Service Desk

Comodo One - Service Desk

Comodo Service Desk is a ticket management system which works, cloud-based to deliver solutions upon service requests from clients. It is a feature rich cloud-based ticket management system – a complete centralized IT management space that includes Service Desk, Remote Monitoring Management, Endpoint Security, Mobile Security and other necessary IT management tools for Managed Service Providers in a console with easy navigation.

Features of Comodo One - Service Desk

  • Absolutely cloud-based system - allows anytime and anywhere access
  • Tailor-made greetings to address each type of clients
  • Emails are automated and scripted to respond
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Easy tracking and reporting
  • Knowledge assistance which is accessible internally or made viewable to all to mitigate the time taken for ticket resolution.
  • User friendly Customer portal
  • Customer Web Portal made available for logging tickets
  • Task linking – reflects the time spent for ticket completion and billable time
  • Time sheets to examine employee performance
  • 24/7 customer support

Unlike other solutions that delivers a Comodo Service Desk is completely free, including all the advanced ITSM features.

Atlassian - Jira Service Desk

The Atlassian - Jira Service Desk provides disaster recovery and management. It is the most commonly used IT service Management system in any corporate environment

Features of Jira Service Desk

  • Feature-packed service desk
  • Helps the user with automation, CSART reporting and SLAs
  • Pocket friendly, efficient and collaborative
  • Jira Service Desk when linked with Jira Software would develop IT teams to integrate on an unified platform to solve issues instantly.
  • Userfriendly customer portal for submitting requests
  • The confluence feature provides a knowledge base
  • Provides machine learning through each communication and recommends the right service
  • Easy to configure and set up - instant customer service templates, automated rules and default email support system is made available
  • Free 7 day trial and subscription-based

ivanti - ITSM Service Desk

ivanti Service Desk delivers configuration and change management to address and adopt IT changes instantly. This ensures instant availability as per the demand to be a prompt and efficient IT service desk.

Features of ivanti - ITSM Service Desk

  • Cloud-optimized ITSM solution
  • It is powered by HEAT
  • Prompt service delivery to reduce potential risks
  • Tracks automated adjustments to the organisation's IT Services and assets
  • Issue Management - Assists to correct and mitigate impacts of the business from unwanted issues. It helps to comprehend the source of an issue and take action to promptly address and solve issues.
  • Change Management - Implements templates with best practises. Ensures tracking, optimizing the changes to IT services and assets.
  • Service Management - It includes controlling, monitoring of service agreements to bring down the compliance costs and to boost service quality.
  • Proactive Management System - provides automation bound with analytics to detect the possible problems proactively even before they create any impact on the business productivity.
  • It also provides self service, easy to use dashboards, incident management, automation of workflow and Confoguration Management Database

Freshworks – Freshservice

Freshservice delivers an IT set up that is can be customized to meet your requirements.

Features of Freshservice

  • SLA Management - It helps to set multiple SLA policies to generate task deadlines. This ensures to solve tickets based on priority
  • Incident/Event Management - Users can use Emails, phone, self-service portal to raise tickets, it can also be done manually.
  • Knowledge Management - After solving the issues, the experts understands to convert the process to knowledge based articles
  • Service Catalog - The service desk users are allowed to submit and receive requests
  • Automation - Repetitive tasks are automated. Tickets are then sent for authorization, prioritized, allocated and closed.
  • Self-Service Console - Knowledge base is made accessible and allows users to raise requests from the console.
  • Offers 21-day free trial

Zoho - ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

ManageEngine Service Desk from Zoho is simple and user-friendly IT helpdesk software solution. It is used to track and control IT tickets effectively and ensures to resolve issues instantly.

Features of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

  • Incident management - this provides automated ticket processing system. This enhances the productivity and ensures to manage the IT tickets completely.
  • Service Catalog - Users can access the Service catalog to understand what are the services that the organization provides. Organizations can customize the catalog with service level agreements
  • Issue Management - It allows to filter, analyze and resolve the issues.
  • Change management - Simplify the process to plan, authorize, and implement with an automated process.
  • Knowledge base - A knowledge base is built to permit end users to access and comprehend through the knowledge base articles and solve repeat incidents
  • Self service portal - Ensures user to create requests on their own and to monitor the ticket progress as well.
  • Service level agreement - SLAs are created to improve the quality of services.
  • Automatic ticket dispatch – Ensures automatic assignment of tickets
  • help desk alerts, reports and mobile help desk are also available
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