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5 keys to enhance Service Desk Agent PerformanceJune 28, 2018

Customers rely on the service desk to troubleshoot any issues. They look at the quality of the service, how well the customer service agent understands the issue, attentiveness, how knowledgeable and professional the expert is and the readiness to quickly solve the issue would elevate the customer satisfaction metrics and add up to more value to the company's reputation. Improving processes, technology and the performance of the service agents is vital for any business to ensure customer satisfaction.

"Always treat your employees exactly you want them to treat your best customers." — Stephen R. Covey

Improving the performance agents can be done by implementing good practices to motivate and build morale among the service experts to ensure best customer experience and satisfaction.

Service Desk Agent

In this article, we will be discussing how to enhance the performance of the service agent for better customer experience. Read on... to know more...

1. Provide Feedback to Agents

Ensure that the agents are given feedback on a regular basis be it positive or negative. It would be a motivating factor for the agents if the feedback is positive otherwise, it gives way for the agents to work on the shortfalls — while the management takes necessary steps to improve their work process. The feedback system should be consistent however it should not create impact on the agents' skills and caliber.

2. Get Trained to train Agents

Managers are to be trained with people management skills this would help in training and managing agents in handling customers. Both managers and agents are to be updated on the new services, products or on any new policy change and on all the new updates. The training has to be on a regular basis much in parallel to other work activities. So this would help service agents to be upfront in answering and addressing the issues giving customers a better experience.

3. Acknowledge and Reward

"Recognition is proven as among the best method for improving work motivation and employee engagement." — Unknown

If an employee achieves the required target or goal — it is important to reward the agent for his performance and this would motivate the agent to do better and therefore there is better customer experience and better business revenue.

4. Develop a Positive Environment

A positive environment drives away stress and improves productivity, job growth, better relationships, happy client�le and business with good profits.

5. Stay updated with the latest Technology

Implement the use of the right technology which is directly proportional to enhance the performance of agents. Agents can be provided access to knowledge bases, online open source tools and other resources that are required by them to operate efficiently. Managers can implement the use of speech analysis software, to monitor the calls between the service desk agent and the customer, which in turn help improve the agents' performance and develop healthy customer relationship.

"Customer Satisfaction starts with Employee Satisfaction." — Charlie P. Crockett

If you are looking to establish good customer-business relationship. It is more vital to work on the above mentioned key areas as it would improve the performance of the service desk agents.

Service Desk Agent

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