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How does Service Desk bring success to your business?November 08, 2017

Service Desk Business Success


Role of Service Desk in your Business' Success

A Service Desk is a ticket management system which allows enterprises to implement strong and effective work-flows for internal and customer-facing support departments.

The Support Ticketing Management System (also called as Help Desk or Help Desk Ticketing System or Remote Help Desk Support System), enables MSPs (through administrators and help desk staff) to keep track of tickets raised by users, attend to them, reassign them to appropriate department or organizations, and generate reports and more.

Information Technology Infrastracture Library(ITIL) defined Service Desk as a single point of contact between users and IT users and IT Service Management. Its duties include taking care of incidents and requests, and giving an interface for other ITIL processes. Incident controlling, management of life management of all service requests, and communicating with the customers are the primary function of the Service Desk.

Those best practices allows an IT service provider to make sure that end user data is delivered consistently on many different situations. So, Service Desk has the means within its hierarchy to monitor and manage each layer of service from beginning to end. These levels are classified by:

Types of Service Desk

There are, generally, four types of Service Desks available:

Local Service Desk: Located within or near an enterprise's premises, it caters to the requirements of a small or medium-scale enterprise. It would help address requirements of country-wise or location-wise entities of an enterprise. However, this service desk would not be enough to handle large volumes of calls or service requests.

Centralized Service Desk: A more cost-effective and efficient solution for ticket management, the centralized service desk helps manage larger volumes of tickets/calls with fewer staff members. An enterprise that maintains local service desks will benefit by merging them into a centralized desk.

Virtual Service Desk: This is the most commonly used type of service desk among enterprises, corporate and IT companies. Through the Internet, a single, centralized Service Desk takes care of all tickets raised from all types of devices and entities in different geographical locations. The tickets can also be addressed and managed by personnel in various geographical locations.

Follow the Sun Service: Some enterprises combine Service Desks located at multiple geographical locations to provide round-the-clock service.

All of those functions mentioned are delivered by using different types of hardware, software, and delivery process. All of the functions should work together smoothly and each has its own life-cycle and the Service Desk will take care of them.

By having any type of Service Desk enumerated above develops user satisfaction by:

  • Communicating with the end user
  • Decreasing business impacts of service failures
  • Resolving incidents and requests with minimal delay
  • Proactively managing use of the IT network of ITIL best practices

While companies are transitioning their IT service management from technology based to process based, companies are able to incorporate their IT requirements directly into the corporation's wholistic strategic plan. By using Service Desk, they can be be less dependent on a specific technology. It also allows them to easily connect with business partners proceed by focusing on processes. Thus, making the lives of your customers and your company so much simpler. When you've finally identified your company's services and processes, the Service Desk keeps an eye on them and lets the company focus on its strategic and tactical business plan.

A great Service Desk develops a company's customer satisfaction by letting the company to employ their business plan. It can also improves a company's satisfaction by managing IT costs while managing the managing the lifecycles of the IT processes and by utilizing ITIL best practices. Therefore, a good Service Desk communicates effectively and efficiently with each end user. The next thing you know is you'll be able to focus on your business operations.

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