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Top Online Managed Service Provider (MSP) ResourcesJuly 18, 2017

MSP Resources

Knowledge is power

As an MSP, it's crucial to stay up-to-date on the latest tech trends, products, breaches and marketing strategies. Staying informed on all of the latest developments in the constantly changing internet security sphere isn't easy, but it will help you deliver excellent service and protection to each of your clients.

You'll hone your skills and learn how to market yourself better by recognizing trends and avoiding common errors. Remaining an expert in your field requires research and lots of reading.

We know you have other things to worry about besides looking for the most reputable sources, so we put together this list of our favorite MSP sites that help us stay current.

  1. The Register
  2. The Register is a leading global online tech publication with more than nine million monthly unique browsers worldwide. There is no shortage of content. The writers at The Register publish and curate tons of useful articles every day, covering topics from Cloud to Bootnotes.

  3. MSP Mentor
  4. "The ultimate guide to managed services" and the leading global destination for MSPs. This site shares articles, research and blog posts to help you make smart MSP decisions from a business standpoint. They also feature guest bloggers from different MSP providers.

  5. The VAR Guy
  6. Today, the Var Guy is the IT channel's most popular blog. It's also the first blog to cover emerging, disruptive technologies for VARs, MSPs and IT Service Providers. The best feature of this MSP site is the "Ask the Var Guy" tab, which allows you to--as you may have guessed--ask the Var Guy any tech questions you may have thought up in the shower or hovering over your keyboard.

  7. Computer Weekly
  8. Computer Weekly is overflowing with useful information. There are all kinds of resources at your fingertips here: videos, quizzes, guides, tutorials, photo stories, opinions, and EBooks galore. Overwhelmed? Don't worry, their search bar makes it easy to find whatever you're looking for in their large library of information.

  9. Network World
  10. Network news, trend analysis, product testing and the industry's leading blogs can all be found in this high-tech hub. They provide a unique combination of intelligence and insight for IT professionals.

  11. IT Briefcase
  12. IT Briefcase provides current IT News, resources and events for IT professionals who are trying to grow their organization. They pride themselves in providing helpful, honest product reviews in order influence prime purchasing decisions.

  13. The ChannelPro
  14. The ChannelPro Network targets, who they call, "decision makers". They aim to provide IT consultants, VARs and MSPs who serve SMBs with relevant news, insights, and best practices to help them improve their current business. No other media company focuses on the SMB IT marketplace like this one.

  15. MSP Knowledge
  16. MSP Knowledge features a highly readable, digestible IT blog. With a large focus on IT best practices and "how to" improve your MSP business articles, this site is a must-read.

  17. Tubblog
  18. Richard Tubb is the brains behind the blog that is "putting IT Consultants back in control". This site covers the latest news and advice for IT SMB companies. Think of tubblog as your techy-friend who just wants you to succeed.

  19. MSPAlliance
  20. Last but certainly not least is the international association of cloud and MSPs. This site was created by MSPs, for MSPs. It focuses largely on the cloud, but also features articles about growing your MSP business, acquiring new customers, and scaling your managed services.

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