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How to Keep the Internet 'Bad Guys' OutAugust 24, 2017


What's the problem with the state of antivirus solutions today?

Why is patch management so important?

"They" say...

Keep your operating system and software up to date.

Don't click on suspicious links.

Don't open emails from unknown senders.

But that's more difficult a proposition than it may seem.

You want to be setting your people up for success. But just like anything in life that requires changing of behavior, if you need to rely too heavily on attention to detail and constant willpower, you can't sustain long term success. In this case being prevention of the slightest cyber vulnerability.

The Easier Way To Maintain Sustainable Prevention Efforts...

Because the general advice puts way too much emphasis on the end user, which leaves too much room for human error, you need a different approach. And that's why the responsibility should start with the vendor instead of the end user.

Did you know your antivirus software only detects known malware?

This means they're letting new malware into your network because it hasn't been flagged yet. Hackers know this, and they're using it to their advantage.

Would you feel comfortable letting random people come into your home?

I doubt it.

In fact, you probably have an alarm system, or, at the very least, locks on your doors. According to SafeWise, it cost between $600-$1,200 to set up a home security system with monthly monitoring plans costing about $30. That's $960-$1,560 a year spent on making sure your house and the belongings inside of it are safe.

Even assuming the majority of people are honest and good, it only takes one 'bad guy' to rob or destroy everything you own. That's probably why people are willing to spend so much money securing their houses.

What if you lived in the safest neighborhood in the world, would you live in it if the doors didn't have locks?

Skilled hackers can gain access to plenty of your personal information like your credit cards, your passwords, your bank account, even your social security number.

Your computer probably holds more sensitive information than your living room, so why are you letting random people come in there?

To keep the internet bad guys out, you can try our solution absolutely free. Yup, keep your sensitive information and data completely safe for around $960-$1,560 less than it costs to protect your house for a year.

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