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7 Ways RMM Software Can Help Increase Efficiency of IT teamSeptember 28, 2017
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How RMM Software Can Help Enterprises Improve IT Team Efficiency

Technology today is evolving and multiplying in the enterprise scenario, in complexity as well as in profusion. Today we have the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology, the IoT (Internet of Things) and such other things which have revolutionized everyday infrastructure at the enterprise level.

IT management for organizations has changed, drastically with the introduction of mobile technology and personal devices into the work culture and with the issues too becoming very complex and sophisticated. IT is now strategic in any enterprise and the CIO is as important as the CEO or CFO.

Many organizations today employ MSPs (Managed Service Providers) to take care of their IT infrastructure. The MSPs use evolving technologies like RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management), MDM (Mobile Device Management) etc and monitor as well as manage all devices (corporate devices as well as personal ones) that are connected to the enterprise network.

RMM is now very much in demand and RMM providers are playing a key role in the growth of any organization. This is because business today relies greatly on technology networks, data etc.

Here's a look at how any enterprise can today use RMM Software to improve the efficiency of its IT team...

  • Helps by alerting via tickets
  • Contributes greatly to endpoint protection
  • Ensures better patch management and update management
  • Helps ensure better reporting
  • Plays key role in network availability monitoring
  • Provides better cloud management
  • Plays key role in backup monitoring

Helps by alerting via tickets

Whenever there are issues, RMM tools alert clients by generating tickets. Such auto-generation of tickets helps the IT guys remediate issues and keeps things intact. It helps them with prioritization lists as well. In total, there is an enhanced level of efficiency for the IT team in particular and for the company in general as a result of depending on the software.

Contributes greatly to endpoint protection

RMM plays a key role in endpoint protection. Today, with personal devices being used at work by corporate employees and with so many people handling corporate systems and networks, endpoint protection has acquired unprecedented levels of significance. RMM plays a key role in making endpoint protection work.

Ensures better patch management and update management

Good RMM software would help centrally manage patches and updates. RMM also plays a significant role in sandboxing and testing updates before there is a roll out.

Helps ensure better reporting

With IT acquiring a strategic role in the enterprise scenario, demonstrating value and efficiency has become mandatory. Reporting, in this context, is of much significance to any organization today and RMM solutions help provide bespoke reports. They also help alter the reports as per the requirements- to prove ROI, to report on security efficiency etc.

Plays key role in network availability monitoring

RMM plays a key role in SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) monitoring, especially by focusing on generating a single alert in place of the many tickets that earlier used to be generated for a single point of failure, which eventually used to cause loss of time, for users as well as for IT teams.

Provides better cloud management

Today, with organizations dependent greatly on the cloud technology, an effective kind of cloud management is key to any company's smooth working and success. A good RMM product would help a company cover different aspects of cloud management- migration to the cloud, managing data etc.

Plays key role in backup monitoring

RMM plays a key role in backup monitoring, for any enterprise. It helps check backup status in-house as well as for third parties' (clients') IT infrastructure. This helps minimize errors that happen as regards backup management and also helps greatly in disaster recovery. Employ antivirus for android as well to stay protected from malware attacks on devices.

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