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Comodo One Endpoint Protection | Stay Ahead of Unknowm ThreatsSeptember 05, 2017
Endpoint Protection


There are three kinds of files.

  1. Good files
  2. Bad files
  3. Unknown files

Simply put, the good files are deemed safe and virus-free, the bad ones are unsafe/mal-ridden, and the unknown files are...

Well, we don't know yet.

The Bad News

Most platforms cannot accommodate this grey area, so they classify the file as good, in fear of disrupting their clients. This puts their client's endpoints, information, and business at risk since this unknown file could just as easily be a virus.

Thirty years ago, when there were only a handful of viruses in existence, this wasn't as big of an issue. Today there are millions, so the chances of being infected are much more likely. This is the problem that most IT Solutions have not been able to overcome.

The Good News

Comodo One has developed a solution.

The Comodo One approach denies unknown files defaultly, while also allowing the user to safely access it.

Think of it as putting your unknown file in a little jail cell. You can still interact with it, but it's unable to roam freely until it has been deemed good or bad.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Comodo One is the only endpoint security solution that automatically handles unknown files and zero-day threats with a default deny approach.

Almost all antivirus solutions default allow unknown files, which allows malware to go into the system/network completely undetected.

Once the files act out and are identified as 'bad', they will be blacklisted in the future.

Unfortunately this is makes some endpoints casualties.

The lag time between unidentified malware entering the system and it being blacklisted is where the threat lies, so in order to remove the threat, we must remove the lag time.

With Comodo One's default deny approach, unknown files are quarantined, saving pain and WannaCry's.

More Good News

Comodo One is completely free for MSPs.

No catch.

Just free, reliable endpoint protection to the people making the internet safer.

You can sign up for your free account here, and be one of the few MSPs who provides default deny unknown file protection at a highly competitive rate.

Here's the direct link >>

MSP Endpoint protection

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