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Top Customer Referral Methods to Increase Your MSP BusinessAugust 31, 2017



Leveraging Credibility

While there are ways to increase your MSP business without prospecting (link to other blog post), one of the most beneficial marketing techniques to consider is referral marketing.

Generally, referral marketing will generate more positive results and higher sales compared to pursuing cold leads, because the business-customer relationship is jumpstarted. Referrals let you leverage credibility from your existing customers in order to build trust with new customers quicker.

Most IT companies don't know how to take full advantage of this marketing technique, which is is leaving tons of money on the table. You can get your hands on that money.

Here is a foolproof plan to utilize the easiest, most effective marketing solution. Best part: It requires little to no creativity or client interaction. Win for the shy guys!

1. Please Before Saying Please

You need to please your customers before you say please. In rare cases, exceptional service is enough to generate referrals. However, the majority of customers are not that thoughtful. In order to get referrals you need to ask for referrals. But don't jump the gun.

Remember when you were a little kid and you really wanted to do go to see a semi-violent movie with your friends, but you knew Mom would only go for it if you caught her in a good mood? Think of your customers like your mom. They have the power. If you catch them at a good time, you're more likely to get a yes.

Most people like to help other people. It makes them feel good. So if you are providing great IT support services, chances are your customer would love to tell his friend Charlie about how awesome you are at keeping his endpoints up and running.

2. Give a Little

Some like to lend a helping hand more than others, which is why we have incentives. While one man might be motivated to throw you a bone out of the goodness of his heart, another will be more likely to do so with a little kickback.

Create a plan that rewards customers who provide referrals.

You may want to reward them with a free service that isn't usually included in your package, like a printer check or an external backup service. This creates additional opportunities for your customer to request and pay for that service in the future. *ka-ching*

3. Get Your Foot in the Door

A solid customer referral consists of more than a phone number and a name. Any other MSP professional can get their hands on this kind of information. The goal of a referral is to expedite the sales process, so your customers should be providing you leads with at least an email introduction--something that gets your foot in the door.

Make it easier for your current clients and your potential clients by providing resources like customer web links, information packets, or any other valuable you have that can give a clear, concise overview of what you can do for them.

4. Communication is Key

A cliche?

Perhaps, but it is absolutely true.

Your SMB owners are not generous with referrals, because it puts their own reputation on the line as well.

So, as a MSP, be sure you are always nurturing your relationship with the companies whose referrals you want most. Whether it is through a newsletter, an additional service, or a phone call just to check in, you and your techs should be building trust through frequent communication and quality customer service.

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