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Effective IT Help Desk Services for your organizationNovember 08, 2017

Effective IT Help Desk Services


The Most Formidable Help Desk Services

It feels wonderful when your IT requirements for your business are supported by an efficient and effective IT team. Computers, tablets, phones, networking, storage, printing, applications, licenses all demand tender loving care. They need to be maintained, they need security, then new to be repaired, replaced, updated and provided with supplies.

Your company has a set of unique process that you as a team have defined, and you need them implemented to the letter. New employees need to be on-boarded efficiently and new IT staff must have access to the knowledge to support the business.

Everything should be managed through the help desk (service desk). There must be a deep level of integration between the service desk and the monitoring and management systems, to ensure that all alerts from systems that report the early indicators of future issues, have to automatically become tickets assigned to IT for analysis and remediation.

Scripts must be created to manage repetitive tasks, and ideally these would be created by the platform vendor (for free) and made available in a library for all platform users to consume as needed.

A knowledgebase must be maintained to ensure that issues are resolved quickly and consistently.

Tickets must be able to be created by both users and IT staff, with no bureaucracy. If a user speaks to an IT team member, there should be no issue with the IT team raising the request without having to ask the user to do it themselves.

Reporting is key, SLA reports must be shared with users (clients) and the IT team should be measured on performance.

And I think everyone will agree the service desk application should be intuitive, modern, cloud based and part of a broader IT management platform.

Help Desk Services

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