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Remote Monitoring and Management: The Emerging TechnologyAugust 03, 2016

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What Remote Monitoring and Management is...

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is the technology of developing software or information technology tools which would help Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) engage in remote monitoring of client systems and networks plus the endpoints on the clients' side. Using these RMM tools MSPs can gather information regarding applications, hardware etc which are operating in the client's location and also obtain activity reports. Thus Remote Monitoring and Management helps resolve issues and do things like trouble ticket tracking, remote desktop monitoring etc and remotely install software and updates, administer patches etc. The most notable thing about this is that it can all be done from a single, unified dashboard.

RMM is definitely an emerging technology and is widely used these days. Let's examine two news stories that have come up and which show how important RMM has become, as an emerging technology...

Autotask launches CSP Boss to help MSPs manage Microsoft Cloud Service Portfolio

Autotask, headquartered in New York and with offices in Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Munich, Sydney etc), has partnered with Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme and MessageOps (which specializes in Microsoft technologies and platform integrations) to develop CSP Boss, which, according to the company, is " designed to help Autotask PSA customers maximize the Microsoft cloud services opportunity. The CSP Boss solution streamlines and automates cloud service delivery by integrating with Autotask contracts, billing and reporting processes".

Autotask, the company that provides IT organizations worldwide with IT Business Management solutions, explains, in a press release what all CSP Boss does for TSPs ((Technology Service Providers)-

"With CSP Boss, TSPs can:

  • Automate the management, billing and support of Microsoft Cloud services including Office 365, Azure and Sharepoint
  • Secure 15-25% margins (depending on the product) via a direct sales model
  • Offer value added support options including an integrated help desk and knowledgebase with access to the Office 365 adoption portal

Krika's new IoT Remote Monitoring Platform

Adding a new dimension to the usage of IP data analytics in discovering, controlling and managing IoT devices on a network, Krika introduces dealer-to-dealer tech support via a new "Help Me" feature. This feature was demonstrated recently at Essential Install Live in England. When having an issue with a device or installation, the "Help Me" button helps locate, connect and get immediate support from people who have already installed one or several exact same devices with perhaps the same network configuration and who have faced and resolved similar issues.

Krika users can push the "Help Me" button directly from the client's remote-management dashboard. Thus, this becomes a device or a remote monitoring platform that sits on the network and sniffs out smart devices, thereby enabling dealers to help each other as regards Remote Monitoring and Management of the network and connected products.

Remote Monitoring and Management

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