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An Easy Guide on How to Enable Comodo RMMDecember 11, 2017

So you've finally downloaded Comodo Remote Monitoring and Management software. We'll be glad to help you start learning and using this software as soon as possible. Let's begin by discussing how to set up RMM:

  • Step 1: You need to enable the RMM extension in Endpoint Manager. Look for "Settings" > "Extensions" > set RMM switch to "ON."
  • Step 2: Then, you need to install the RMM Admin console. The console is used to monitor your endpoints and define policies and configure endpoint service desk requests. It should be installed on a local workstation or server. To download the console, open ITSM > Devices > Device List. Select any endpoint from the list and click “Takeover.” This will allow you to download the console setup files to your local machine.
  • Step 3: Install the RMM client software on your target endpoints. The agent facilitates communication between endpoints and the admin console. The agent is automatically installed on managed endpoints once the RMM extension is enabled in ITSM (as mentioned on Step 2). Should the need arise, you can also install the agent manually by clicking Devices > Device List, selecting your target endpoints then click Install MSI/Packages > RMM Agent.

Basic Concepts:

  • Action - This task can be done on target endpoints. Examples of this task are installing an application, rebooting an endpoint, creating a system restore point, running a registry cleaning task, and more. MSPs adds actions to procedures.
  • Procedure - When you do a collection of one or more action, those are called Procedures. Procedures can be directly done on target endpoints or can be added to a "Job."
  • Job - A collection of one or more procedures. Multiple procedures can be added to a job to create sophisticated tasks.
  • Policy - Policies are designed to monitor target endpoints. If certain conditions are met, those policies send service desk requests to the administrator. You can now analyze the service desk requests. If required, create a service desk ticket and run a procedure/job on the endpoint.

Thank you so much for trusting Comodo on keeping your endpoints and system absolutely safe. It's always a pleasure. If you have specific questions about your RMM, you can email us at

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RMM Concepts

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