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Digital Transformation To Secure Connected EnvironmentFebruary 27, 2017

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Digital transformation of businesses is the trend today. Processes, workflows and business cultures are today transformed to suit digitalization. Companies now sell products/services online, create mobile-friendly loyalty programs/coupon apps, automate quality assurance and testing programs, leverage IoT (Internet of Things) to make the most of the trend and adopt cloud platforms to handle quotes, pricing, orders etc.

In the context of rapid and rampant digitalization of businesses, there are three different aspects that need to be discussed. They are- rapid adoption of the cloud, network dispersion at an increased rate, and increasing attacks along different threat vectors...

Rapid Adoption of the Cloud

Cloud adoption is expanding rapidly and companies today take to the cloud in an unprecedented manner. The challenge today is to leverage the benefits of the cloud and at the same time endeavor to protect concerns addressed by the on-premise data center, by going for a hybrid cloud adoption. This would include using cloud-based applications like Salesforce and at the same time leveraging financial and order processing systems on-premises, using on-premises exchange server for some users while it's Office365 for others, archiving Office365 cloud mailboxes with on-premises message archiver etc.

Increased Network Dispersion

Network dispersion becomes the norm with companies growing into a number of offices and microsites. With rapid network dispersion taking place, a company's IT strategy is also impacted. An intelligent perimeter including multiple firewalls replaces the traditional perimeter, and this requires Remote Monitoring and Management, centralized management etc.

With SaaS applications getting popular, branch offices can today work with their own internet connections, with remote site QoS (Quality of Service) to optimize connectivity for SaaS applications, VoIP systems etc. Dispersion, in today's scenario, in the times of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management), is also applicable to mobile users and remote users.

Increasing Attacks Along Different Threat Vectors

Today attacks at companies happen along all threat vectors, including traditional ones like email, network, web applications etc and also new vectors associated with IoT (Internet of Things). Zero-day attacks, phishing attacks, ransomware attacks etc are very rampant and companies need to protect endpoints and focus on protecting traditional threat vectors as well.

To combat the new modes of attacks, companies can today adopt technologies like client fingerprinting, human firewalls, machine learning, usage of microservices etc.

Remote Monitoring for Digital businesses

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