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Using An RMM Tool To Increase Revenue For Break-Fix IT BusinessJune 19, 2017

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Using An RMM Tool To Increase Revenue For Break-Fix IT Business

Offering break-fix solutions through Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is an easy way to get more new customers. It has wrongly been perceived that offering break-fix solutions is not a good business model. Many customers still don't understand the advantages of a managed service solution. One main factor putting them off is the cost involved.

Industry experts have suggested that offering RMM for free is an even better approach. Many managed services providers (MSPs) have learned it the hard way, after losing customers who wanted only break-fix support.

Once you provide convincing support through RMM (which you provide for free) it would gain trust in the mind of the customer and it would be easier to convince the customer to subscribe to an MSP model. Gaining the good will of existing customers goes a great way to utilize their recommendations in acquiring new customers.

The Necessity of Proactive Monitoring

Every business with an IT infrastructure needs IT support. Maintaining an in-house IT support team may be financially viable for a large business/enterprise, however, it does not work out for small and medium businesses. Most times, the in-house IT support team would be occupied with handling regular work and opting for an MSP to provide support for other tasks would be a financially intelligent decision.

Next, impress the importance of proactive monitoring in maintaining the IT network. Explain and emphasize its necessity, effectiveness, and efficiency in ensuring uninterrupted business flow. Any interruptions in business translate into financial loss as well as loss of trust.

Demonstrate to your customer that you can provide more qualified IT support at a lower overall cost than an in-house team. Also, explain the threat of malicious attacks including DDoS attacks and zero-day threats that require IT support of considerable skill to tackle such situations.

However, there will be some customers who will be happy with the break-fix support and pay for it on an hourly basis. For these break-fix customers, offer RMM for free. A robust RMM features custom scripting for automated break-fixing. Set up auto-monitoring to log the issues occurring in the network and the occurrences of automated break-fixing. Specify an amount for each break-fix issue getting solved. Next, demonstrate a cost comparison of the total cost incurred every month to the cost of an MSP model. This demonstration would help you convince your break-fix customer to switch-over to an MSP model, and even if they do not you still gain revenue from automated break-fixing.

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