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How MSPs Can Use PSA and RMM Tools to Save TimeJune 14, 2017

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MSPs (Managed Service Providers) help their clients earn more revenue, expand business and manage lots of things, using PSA (Professional Services Automation) tools and RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tools. Their focus is always on helping clients simplify their operations, maximize efficiencies and thereby enhance their productivity and profitability. However, it's to be noted that these PSA tools and RMM tools can help the MSPs save and find extra time each day. Here are three key tips on how to achieve that...

It's best to avoid data entry activities that waste time...

There are data entry activities that waste a lot of time. There are MSPs in which much time is wasted re-entering data into multiple systems. The best thing for any MSP to do would be to refrain from spending time on things that can be automated. They should also work out a plan as per which they don't have to re-enter data into multiple systems. Thus they won't have errors to correct and thus they save on time that's spent on correcting errors.

To save time, it's always advisable to go for PSA and RMM tools. PSA software would help MSPs save time on managing clients' business, projects and staff. If the PSA software is integrated with the Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool, it could all be done from the same single dashboard. This helps save time that's otherwise wasted on opening and closing different windows and also in uploading data to non-integrated systems.

Always ensure that all billable hours are tracked by employees

PSA and RMM tools help MSPs track billable hours for clients. They help log billable time; moreover, when a project is complete, automatic billing happens, thereby saving time. These tools thus help employees ensure that they never miss logging billable time. MSPs should emphasize the importance of entering all labor hours into these tools and should make it a point to remind employees that logging hours helps enterprises reward star performers regularly.

In fact, the entire team in an enterprise should be given access to automation tools so as to improve efficiency throughout the organization.

Use PSA and RMM tools to identify high-maintenance customers

MSPs can use PSA/RMM tools to evaluate the profitability of each customer. Thus these tools would help find which client causes your staff to spend too much time. It helps find for which customer you need to raise your price and with which one you need to part ways. So while it's important to meet customer expectations, it's also important to identify high-maintenance customers and then save time that's wasted on such customers.


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