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And The Academy Goes To...September 11, 2017

comodo academy


In case you missed our recently published press release, we at Comodo have launched a free self-paced and interactive education portal for MSP partners, Comodo Academy.

Here, partners are trained and certified on the Comodo ONE platform for IT and security management (ITSM). The online portal contains tutorials, quizzes and practical exams to expand a partner's security knowledge.

Upon passing the exams, MSPs and other IT professionals add their C1 certification to their resume as leverage to get new clients.

Why did we make The Comodo Academy?

Simply stated, we created The Academy to help MSPs...

  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease costs
  • Delight customers

We're not like most vendors

Most vendors charge for essential services like RMM, patch management, and service desk automation.

These unnecessary expenses make it hard for up and coming MSPs to grow their business.

We decided we are not only going to provide those free tools, but we're also going to teach you the best way to use them.

Our CEO, Melih Abdulhayoglu, is just as excited as our new certified users are. As he explains, the academy is based on a mutually beneficial relationship between Comodo and our MSP partners.

"Comodo ONE is a robust platform with lots of capabilities, and we want our partners to get the most out of it," Melih said. "That's why we created the academy. We want our partners to succeed, because if they succeed, we succeed, too."

Be a dragon

One of the courses is called "Be A Comodo Dragon — Get Certified." After you complete the course, you are officially a Comodo Dragon. You even get a personalized badge to prove it.

Our goal is to set you up for success, because when you win, we win. That's what partnership is. Therefore we are constantly accepting, processing, and implementing your feedback to make the most valuable resource on the market.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a Comodo dragon, and get Comodo One certified.

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