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Analyzing Trends in a World of MSPs and RMM Software ProvidersApril 20, 2017

rmm msp trends

The managed services market is estimated to grow and thrive into a business worth $242.45 billion by 2021. With a compound annual growth rate of 10.8%, it is no surprise that more and more businesses are adopting for managed service providers or MSPs and RMM software is more a need rather than a luxury. Let's analyze a few trends and facts that the industry is supposed to concurrently witness.

Managing data that is truly big

Every business big or small alike, is fueled by decisions made basis analytics and insights. These analytics and insights are driven by the data that is collected by a business. However, the abundant volumes of data have pushed businesses to outsource their data management capabilities to the experts. No wonder that data management still seems to be the most outsourced managed service for businesses across industries. With managed data centers being the backbone of every industry, owning data centers has become a common practice and RMM solution providers are the new favorite vendors.

Managed mobility of expanding IT estates

Let's face it, IT estates are expanding and becoming undefined. This is mainly due to two reasons. Firstly, the integration of internet of things and cloud services have made too many assets a part of the IT network of a business. Secondly, with BYOD policies being increasingly adopted by companies, the need for stricter IT safety protocols has been raised.

According to a Gartner report, by 2017 more than 50% of companies will have a BYOD policy in place. Owing to the abundance of new and improved software and the increasing costs of IT security, companies are left with no option but to allow their workforce to bring in their own devices at work. This is forcing businesses to outsource their IT security and up-keep facilities to RMM software providers.

  • The American dream

Believe it or not, though the APAC region has grown exponentially and emerging markets and not established markets are the future of industry growth, America has got managed services and RMM software figured out better than the rest.

America will continue to be one the biggest suppliers of RMM solutions that are not just future-ready but also scalable. Though the prices that they offer their solutions at will take a hit, as more and more service providers enter the market and end up catering to SMEs rather than the big giants.

  • Simplification with automation

Managed service providers who offer RMM software will look to simplify their processes and operations to better appease the customers. To maintain a competitive edge in markets, they will also look at offering and pushing more and more automated solutions that can be hosted on the cloud. Both private clouds and public cloud infrastructures will feature as part of the RMM solutions suite. Instead of service providers asking businesses to do the heavy lifting, the load will shift back onto the service providers.

  • Security still a struggle

According to a report by a popular tech industry blog, 78% of people know the risks of opening unknown links in emails, but do it anyway. More so, they prefer doing it over a business network instead of their personal networks.

This just goes onto show that companies and RMM solution providers alike still have to be at the edge of their seats as regards the safety and security of the IT estate and its components are concerned.

However, with the integration of cloud, safety features do promise to be enhanced and accurate. This will also help lighten the internal IT policies that a company has and their IT officers manage.

RMM software providers are looking to be consistent partners, rather than temporary fix providers and businesses are likewise appreciating this effort, which goes onto show that the company is making progress in terms of working as a unified whole. This trend is also likely to make managed services a managed spend rather than just a quick-fix.

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