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What do you need to look for when you select an RMM Tool?July 17, 2017

RMM Tool


Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you're a managed service provider (MSP), then you want to take your business to the next level. Unfortunately, even if you are the smartest, best-trained, hardest working internet security provider in the industry, you'll still struggle to propel your business onwards and upwards.

Why? Because it's not about how hard you work. It's about how smart you work.

If you aren't using the right RMM tool to facilitate your expertise, you're going to work harder than you need to, and you're going to make less profit than you should be.

So, the question is, what do you need to look for when you select an RMM tool, and why are those features so important to your success?

Must-Have Functions of an RMM Tool

1. Automate IT processes

This is key in saving you time, and time is money. The right RMM solution will have built-in wizards, which will let you create reusable processes to solve even the most complex customer issues. Once you do it once, you won't need to do it again. Leave the repetition to the robots.

2. Work on multiple machines at once

Issues usually occur on more than one machine at a time. In order to efficiently solve these inevitable problems, an MSP must be able to work on all the machines that make up a system/network simultaneously. Multitasking is the pillar of a successful, optimized business model.

3. Solve issues without interrupting clients

The hardest part of an MSPs job is dealing with frustrated clients. No matter how damaged software can get, it still can't get on the phone and tell you how bad you are at your job. Clients can, and they probably will, which is why you need to be able to connect to your endpoints so you can troubleshoot and remediate the problem behind the scenes. No interruption. No angry clients. Yay.

4. Integrate a professional services automation (PSA) tool

This will allow you to respond to client's needs in a more timely manner. It will also simplify getting and storing critical historical information in order to help troubleshoot current and future issues. Lastly, PSA will increase your sales by turning tickets into upsells like quotes an add-on solutions.

5. Manage from one remote control center

The ability to operate from a central location makes your business more manageable and therefore more successful. It keeps your technicians in a familiar setting, which increases productivity and their service delivery speed for the simple reason that they know where to find whatever they need.

In order to take your MSP business to the next level you must be properly equipped with an RMM solution that successfully integrates these features. If you want a reliable RMM provider that will provide excellent service without breaking the bank, try Comodo One. Comodo One's unhackable RMM solution is completely free for all MSPs. You can get started on improving your IT Services by signing up here.

Seriously. Integrate these five fundamental features for $0. No catch, just awesome service at the most affordable price. Here's the direct link.

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