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How To Convince Break-Fix Clients to Sign Up For MSPJuly 19, 2017


The cost of prevention

Transitioning your break-fix clients to managed services can be a challenge. Most people live by the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' rule.

Why? Because people don't like to spend money on what-ifs. Usually...

Americans spend thousands of their hard-earned dollars on auto collision insurance annually. In reality, the average person is far more likely to have their computer crash than their car.

Rationally, the SMB owner knows that to get the most out of their network, it needs to be monitored and maintained. But when it's time to part with their money in order to prevent something that might happen, suddenly they tighten their purse strings.

How do you get someone to fix what 'ain't broke'?

The same way that car insurance companies convince you to pay a monthly premium. The inevitability of a crash and the assurance that, in the long run, you are saving them money.

Network maintenance will improve your customers' productivity. They won't be interrupted by a crash, a slow server, etc. Their systems will be more reliable, which will help them with their clients, and probably save them money in IT Support costs.

RMM, patch management and service desk should all be a part of your proactive managed services plan.

This kind of software let's you identify and repair issues before your client even notices, which is great news for you. This significantly decreases the time you spend on the phone trying to explain tech-terms to your customers. I know.

But I already know you're interested in transitioning to MSP, so how do we get your clients on board?

There are only 3 things you need to tell them to win them over:

  1. It will increase productivity

    Most problems don't come without warning. Your clients are hitting 'remind me later' countless times when notified about a software update. Why? Because they're busy, and no one want to sit around waiting for a computer to update.

    Luckily antivirus updates, software updates and backups can be maintained without interrupting their workflow. Undetected, these small problems can easily develop into a serious crisis. Proactive monitoring helps you prevent these unexpected emergencies.

  2. It will save them money

    Crisis situations cost way more and take way longer to repair. Managed services is more predictable in every sense. An hourly based, break-fix business model is an unstable income, so you need to charge more.

    With managed services you have reliable revenue and your clients have a clear understanding of what they will be paying, without the surprising cost of reactive support.

  3. It will improve reliability

    RMM and patch management are designed to keep your endpoints operating smoothly by optimizing their network's performance. Your clients won't even know anything is wrong, until you send a report about the status of their network and the services you've been providing behind the scenes.

They will be happy that you and your handy-dandy tools are diligently working to maintain their reliable system, but they will be even happier that they were never interrupted. Hello, recurring revenue.

To guarantee a smooth transition from break-fix to managed services, without breaking the bank on overpriced software, sign up for Comodo One. It provides hack-proof RMM, patch management, and service desk automation software. It's free for all MSPs, forever. Your clients will thank you.

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