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RMM and Cloud Based Security SolutionJuly 27, 2017

RMM for Cloud

How do we make sure that all the endpoint is protected with AV? Well, for every organization to have an Antivirus for every endpoint will be quite a challenge. Now that we have the option of MSPs, there are enough chances for customers to have AV from different vendors. This happens often nowadays when MSP gets a new customer when endpoint protection is not done properly. Not to mention the risk when the large network has a compromised endpoint.

We have seen how the modern day antivirus software is finding it hard to read the latest Virus before they attack the endpoint. Even the traditional methodologies are also not working with full visibility when it comes to securing endpoint.

In terms of cyber security, it is important for the MSPs to:

  1. Have access to all the endpoint and customer's network
  2. Provide a timely update on the threat to their system.

rmm solutions

Advantages of Cloud-based Security

When it is cloud-based security, there will be no firewall — because it is integrated with the RMM which is completely controlled from a remote administration. This makes RMM much effective when compared to the traditional antivirus software.

Similarly, cloud-based solutions can provide a detailed report on individual endpoints. To do this requires regular monitoring of each and every endpoint. This in turn provides a proactive alert and appropriate action on the slightest move to infiltrate a malicious code on any of your devices.

Just How Dangerous are Today's Viruses?

When a malicious code or virus enters your endpoint device, it will sit there on the network to read the habits of the user. Most of the time forensics and security audits are unable to kill the virus. Endpoint security itself means protection from such attacks. Nevertheless, with not enough security, it is nearly impossible for organizations to protect endpoint devices.

Real-time visibility and proactive mitigation are the only solutions. They are the true defense of your endpoint security even if it is cloud-based security.

Cloud based security

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