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How MSP's Can Gain More Clients Using AIDAMay 16, 2017

MSP gain using AIDA

Adapting to managed services from a fixed model has become a necessity in the evolution of your IT business. In the recent years, the industry has seen a surge in the adaption of Managed IT services. Now IT decision makers and business owners want to explore on how a managed service can be beneficial for their operations. It has been noted that there is a huge demand in adapting MSP for businesses. Since every business is becoming increasingly specialized, the same also goes for Managed Service Providers. They have already started offering specialized services for a certain type of business, and their focus is to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of IT service.

With Managed Services, clients can concentrate on their core business and be at peace knowing that MSP is there to monitor and take care of their IT infrastructure. Thanks, clients can enjoy a well-streamlined process and better reporting of resources. If you have a hybrid IT infrastructure that has a mix of legacy, virtual and cloud environment, you may then need RMM (Remote Monitoring Management) something that gives you visibility across all silos in a centralized manner. It's cost effective, easier in the long run, and it helps you to figure out that overall problem if there exist any.

MSPs, when integrated with RMM Software, can provide scalability, visibility, and reliability that is needed to maintain and edge over the competitors. Nevertheless, we know there has to be a structured approach to knowing the prospect of the value when it comes to selling IT Services.

The best sales strategy is AIDA, which means Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. AIDA the model has helped MSPs win over new clients, so let's see how it works.

Grabbing attention — is the first step towards getting a potential prospect. The best way to strategize this is to showcase the prospective client a solution that can fix their current problems. This generates interest and if planned properly, it becomes a source and your client seeks your service.

This method was used in an Attorney's law firm. Working with an attorney can be challenging because they are well versed in law, and cross-examination is something they are expert at. But the fact is, even they need to have a digital business, and offering them with a well-managed, local IT support is most likely to happen if only you can convince him how different you are from others.

Pointing Current issues

The MSP first figured out that they are paying their existing provider twice the actual market cost, then highlight the attorney that the existing provider is bad at paying attention to details. Finally, the support is as bad because you will be kept waiting for response. This tardy process caused the Attorney a lot of money and wasted time. Next in line was other provider who hosted their website and possesses secured cloud computing service. Here also they experienced frequently connection breakage. They were asked to store their important file on another computer or QuickBooks.

So how did they crack this deal?

Listen and gain confidence

After highlighting the issue the Attorney's office then called this prospective provider and fixed a meeting. This provider explained the generic MSP marketing. This way they established a viable position for themselves. As mentioned above the client had issues with his earlier provider in low connectivity. The provider suggested him to move his QuickBooks to the online version or to a standalone accountant's computer. These few things proved to be an eye-opener and they finally started gaining confidence.

Willing to listen

The law firm was ready to ink the deal. They were advised on the different implementation that could be done. The alacrity shown by the provider was immense, but the attorneys had his own doubt about the delivery based on his last experience. The tale of woes was at a length from the previous IT providers. So they even invited quotes from other providers and cross-checked it to confirm if this provider is at par with others. Nevertheless, the client was willing to listen what we have to offer, and trust followed and the deal was sealed.

Many small to medium business owners lack expertise and confidence to audit their own IT infrastructure or cloud to make a decision to meet their needs. That's where a good MSP can come to your rescue and help you. Successful MSPs don't undersell the value that they're providing. Recognizing this now and beginning the transformation process in an organized manner MSP is here to stay and put their client's business ahead of the rest.

MSPs can gain clients using AIDA

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