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Changing RMM Software: 5 Secrets to Managed Services SuccessApril 12, 2017

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Remote monitoring and managing (RMM) software are a type of application used by IT Service providers to maintain and manage the IT estates of their clients. The main objective of RMM platforms is to ensure tabulation of the client's IT systems and its components including servers, desktops, applications and mobile devices as well. Also, RMM tools help with the efficient execution of maintenance of IT estates. Functions such as patching, software updates, configurations, and other such repair and up-keep functions can be done through remote locations rather than on-site.

RMM platforms needs to be installed on-site of the client's properties on several of their IT estate components for them to be managed and maintained. The service provider has access to these on-site mangers and devices, which help them, control the whole operations. RMM tools generally have the capacity to auto-detect devices that form a part of the client's network. They also feature a central dashboard, which helps them identify and configure new devices joining the network.

There are a variety of vendors who offer RMM platforms and tools. However, here are a few secrets to leverage managed services successfully.

1. Third party plug-ins

With IoT and cloud becoming part of IT estates increasingly, more and more devices are becoming part of the business's IT assets. Also, this is making things grow wider than ever before, making management and security a prime concern. With the help of third party plug-ins, security features can be amplified. Instead of relying on your own firewalls and in-house anti-virus software, consider engaging with RMM tools that will boost the security of the organization.

2. Update and up-keep

There are millions of dollars that businesses spent on ramping up the IT security of their companies. There are bigger millions that are lost due to all the cyber crimes that take place on a global scale. Businesses need to understand that simply having a security feature in place is not enough, the product and services that they use have to be updated regularly. If a software vendor has sent across a patch, updating the software as soon as possible is the best practice. The longer you leave the software from being updated, the more prone you make your business to a cyber attack. RMM tools could help you auto-configure such issues so that you can continue business as usual.

3. Automating processes

Certain RMM platform providers offer the best in class solutions; think automation and on the cloud management. With the help of such a service provider you will be able to shift the responsibility onto the service provider and still be able to exercise complete control over your IT estate. Not just that, such providers will provide you with the best solutions that will drive efficiency across all your business processes, as technology and business operations go hand-in-hand.

4. Bespoke solutions

Each and every business has its own needs and requirements, no matter how saturated the market is. In fact that is what separates them from the rest. It is best that you engage a RMM tools provider that allows you to customize and arrange your set-ups as per your needs. Single-view dashboards, mobile access to uniform data, customizable reports with metrics that matter, analytics and insights that are data-driven can all be obtained if the RMM platform is configured such.

5. Look for the right recommendations

The industry is filled with service providers who offer RMM platforms at the most competitive prices. Instead of cost cutting, you should seriously consider the business requirements and the needs of your IT estate when engaging with such service providers. Also, the after service and helpdesk facility that your service provider promises should factor-in into your decision. A partner that will help you avert crisis instead of one who provides damage control should be the ideal choice.

As always, subject matter experts are best left to handle your IT estate as technology and software have a major influence on your business. RMM platform providers are experts in what they do and that is why employing one is a prudent choice. You could also secure your devices using android antivirus that removes threats instantly..

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