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What is Network Security?June 28, 2018

A basic security software solution like antivirus or a firewall is more than enough to protect an individual's PC. However, in case of protecting business computers which are interconnected within a network, becomes way too challenging. This brought in the inception of Network security to render advanced security options to protect the network from threats Managed Service Providers also called MSPs are separate entities that operate to deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) to provide cybersecurity measures based on the organization's needs. They also provide a wholesome network security software solutions to organizations while the organizations can concentrate more on the business and management areas. MSPs are well equipped to entitle IT admin of the organization to control and validate the network and comprehend the level of the existing network security. It empowers the organization with the security system with methods and techniques that best matches to protect the organizations' data.

Network Assessment

How does network security work?

Network security integrates multiple defense layers. It defines each layer with a specific set of controls and policies. It ensures that only authorized users are allowed to access the resources connected to the network, and turns down malware attempts instantly from attacking the network system.

Types of network security

There are different types of network security that varies in function

Access control

Users are limited to access specific resources within a network. Not all the users are permitted to access the organization network. This helps to keep potential threats at bay. This type entitles the IT admin to understand each user's activity and give access to the required resources with a certain set of policies and regulations. The non-compliant devices are blocked to deny access by the users. This type of process is termed Network Assessment.

Antivirus Software

A network security system indulges the IT admin with an effective antivirus/antimalware software. It helps to protect the endpoints connected to the network from computer worms, viruses, spyware, ransomware, and trojans.

Application Security

This involves the protection of business applications. The application security ensures that the hardware, software and all the process associated with the application are protected from vulnerabilities and fix any other security issues.

Behavioral Analytics

This functions to identify the behavior of the network. This is equipped to find out if there exist any abnormal activities. Understanding the malicious behavior, the It security expert tries to address and fix the issues.

Email security

Emails are considered to be the most inviting threat vector to cause a massive security breach. Attackers gains access to personal information through attractive phishing emails to trick users to click on a malicious link or attachment. The Email security application helps to terminate possible attacks to restrict loss of data.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention technology ensures organization users to comply with a specific set of norms that restricts them from forwarding, downloading or uploading or even printing a copy of any confidential organization data. This is to strictly prevent the employees from sending vital information outside the business network.


Firewalls block the way between an untrusted external network and trusted internal network. It implements a set of rules to filter out and obstruct malicious traffic from entering the network.

Intrusion Prevention System

An intrusion prevention system entitles the IT admin of the organization to scan the incoming and outgoing network traffic to instantly block suspicious attempts.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

This understands the security requirements of the organization to detect and instantly respond to malware threats.

Web Security

Web security takes a strong hold on the employees' web use, ensures to terminate threats from entering the websites, and also restricts access to malware-infected websites.

Most of the network security comes as all-in-one solution, with all the features that the organization needs for a comprehensive protection offering novel cybersecurity technology and efficient customer service.

Network Assessment

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