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Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection(STAP) | Comodo OneSeptember 05, 2017
Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection


Step by STAP

Cybersecurity, like all technology, is constantly changing. Step by STAP.

If you don't know what STAP is here's the lowdown: it's a term IDC coined that stands for Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection. STAP is meant to detect zero-day attacks and data exfiltration by attackers, which can go on undetected for weeks, if not years.

Basically, it's a new category of security products which aim to defend against specialized threats that have emerged over the last couple years.

STAP is unlike traditional security in that it focuses on solutions for non-signature-based threats. The new category also has the capability to analyze sneaky threats that are trying to avoid detection through mainstream security technologies.

Signature-less means not relying on malware signatures. These might include sandboxing, big data analytics and containerization to detect the bad eggs.

In other words, STAP is smart.

STAP-ping the Internet Bad Guys

STAP products can work on an endpoint, boundary, and/or internal network analysis basis.

While scanning inbound and outbound traffic for deviant data, STAP ensures a higher degree of protection from things like botnet and command-and-control traffic that typically indicate a compromise.

IDC says STAP products might also be used for reverse engineering and forensic analysis of discovered malware.

Threats today are targeted, progressive, diverse, and are rarely ever the same as the one before. Finding and removing them is only getting harder, but STAP products make it easier.

Pay Attention, Enterprises

As enterprises are purchasing more SaaS-based sandbox protection services with behavioral analysis of potentially threatening files the demand for STAP continues to rise.

Traditional antivirus solutions just can't keep up.

For enterprises, STAP is becoming a necessary part of their advanced attack protection. Integration of these technologies into existing networks, endpoints, and content security products are expected to become the new standard of the future.

Protect your clients from the increasing threat of financial and intellectual property theft by offering STAP provided by Comodo One, the only reliable endpoint protection software completely free for all MSPs.

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