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Network Readiness Assessment-What you need to know November 08, 2017

What is Network Readiness Assessment?

Networks aren't a fixed system — a great challenge to your business's success. They develop, are broadened, tools are upgraded, and new applications incorporated. Modern data networks are ever-changing and the people who worked with it knows exactly the condition of a network.

What is Network Assessment?

Network assessment is a term that refers to various things in the context of network devices. It could mean the analysis of such network devices to find which devices are obsolete. It could also refer to the assessment of network performance, a review of network architecture, a security assessment of network devices (including security compliant configuration, bugs, vulnerabilities etc). The term network assessment could also be used to refer to the network inventory used to discover what network devices are running on the network. The definition of network assessment could also include applications, servers, operating systems etc.

Network Assessment

Why Might You Want One?

A Network Assessment gives you detailed analysis of your network traffic and how it's being used. You can:

  • Make sure you have enough network resources for the best performance
  • User's access information across your networks changed because technology is always evolving. Because of both official and unofficial applications, networks and systems became increasingly more overloaded.
  • Remove any unofficial apps (Shadow IT anyone?)
  • Understand the impact of all network activity on the system performance
  • Ensure adoption of new apps by providing a great user experience

What Should You Do Then?

Here are a couple of things you should do when using the network readiness assessment:

Know you situation. You have to do an intensive documentation of your network's current condition. Ask a couple things that may be comprising your network. Doing such practice can lead to discovering any IT equipment forgotten in your wiring closets with your old software and misconfigured ports.

Investigate whatever is in your network. Just like an annual check up, by installing network can search anything that are capable of measuring network traffic patterns, jitter, errors, and dropped packets.

Test your network at its limits. Try to simulate worst scenarios that can happen anytime. Inject data into the into the network with the same size, format and data rates that could be expected during the busiest situation and over a typical business working environment.

Measure and record whatever results you'll get. After testing the limits of your network, document it for your future reference.

Examine the results you got. As you've observed the steps mentioned above, you can now avoid any discrepancies in your network that may breach your systems.

Network Assessment

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