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What is Project Management Software?August 08, 2018

Best Project Management Software

Project management software is software that is used for project planning, resource allocation, scheduling, and change management. It permits project managers (PMs), users and stakeholders to control costs and manage budgeting, documentation and quality management. Project management software is also used for communication and collaboration between project stakeholders. Both free and paid versions of different project management software tools are available and some of the free project management software tools include:

  • Bitrix24: This free project management software is a high-end solution that has been specifically designed for effective communication, collaboration, social networking, and workflow and knowledge management.
  • Freedcamp: Provides effortless team collaboration. It is intuitive and simple to start along with the potential to grow when you need more advanced features.
  • Hygger: This is an all-in-one product management platform for growing companies.
  • Teamweek: This free project management software enables effortless team planning and allows developing and managing tasks on a timeline. Available in web + iOS app.

Why Project Management Software?

Despite the fact that project management software is used in a wide range of ways, its main aim is to help in the planning and tracking of project components, resources, and stakeholders.

Project management software is essential for businesses as it caters to the following functions:

  • Document sharing and collaboration: Increases productivity via a central document repository accessed by project stakeholders.
  • Calendar and contact sharing: Project timelines include planned meetings, activity dates and contacts that should get automatically updated across all stakeholder and PM calendars.
  • Time tracking: Software must be able to track time for all tasks and maintain records for third-party consultants.
  • Bug and error management: Facilitates error and bug reporting, viewing, notifying and updating for stakeholders.
  • Project planning: This helps to define a project schedule, and project managers can use this software to map project tasks and visually describe task interactions.
  • Task management: Permits the development and assignment of tasks, status reports, and deadlines.

Top 15 Project Management Software (Updated Aug 2018)

  • Comodo One

    Comodo ONE supports all the best practices for project management and these include coordination, collaboration, and communication. You can track budgets, manage resources, assign tasks and monitor the progress of each project along with reports on individual tasks. Work plans can be customized in order to reflect the way you want to manage your projects. You can also set approval processes and Comodo ONE will intuitively and quickly bill for products, expenses and time by pulling all the details into a client-ready invoice. With complete visibility into project resources, timelines, and status, you will be able to easily identify potential road blocks and gather insight to make strategic decisions. With Gantt charts, you can visualize project resource timelines and dependencies that will help you to make adjustments ahead of time.
  • Aha!

    This cloud-based software helps product managers link their excellent strategy to their teams work and develop visual roadmaps in minutes. With Aha! it is possible to plan a strategy, prioritize features, manage release, and captures ideas in one place.
  • Freshdesk

    Freshdesk, the latest in cloud-based support tech, is available with everything you need for tracking and managing projects. Freshdesk offers a wide range of features like SLA management, smart automation, issue tracking, SEO ready FAQ section, knowledgebase and customizable self-service portals, which enables increasing agent productivity and decreasing burnout.
  • Zoho Projects

    This project management software is perfect for large and small businesses. It is used for delivering great work on time and also for planning your projects, assigning tasks, and communicating effectively. You will never miss out on important updates and viewing detailed reports on progress.
  • Wrike

    Wrike is the ideal project management software for teams of 20+. It is available with enterprise-level security and scalability. Project managers, product managers, and program managers can install this software and make use of features like Gantt charts, workload view for resource management, custom dashboards, structuring via folders, projects, and tasks and auto-assignment based on task statuses.
  • Backlog

    This project management and collaboration tool is ideal for teams that want greater visibility, higher productivity, and simple project tracking. It allows development teams to work together with Marketing, Design, IT, and more in order to rapidly release high-quality projects.
  • Confluence

    This is an open and shared workspace capable of connecting people to the ideas and information they need to do their best work. It allows you to create and store all your documentation in one place, ship projects faster, and ease communication across teams. When connected with Jira Software, Confluence helps to add extra context to your projects, publish release reports, track release progress, create and track issues and product requirements, and more.
  • Gantter

    This project management software helps you to create interactive Gantt charts, track tasks, costs and resources, easily access and share your projects from anywhere, anytime, with anyone. The latest features include an instant community-powered recommendation engine and Risk Management tool.
  • Talk on Task

    This cost-effective project management software makes life easier by offering innovative features like task-based chatting, time tracking, project reporting, interactive chatting, and many more. It provides exceptional chat system that allows you to chat about particular tasks, with individual users or on specific projects based on your requirements.
  • ServiceDesk Plus

    ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a help desk and asset management software offering a combined package of features that include incident management, purchasing, asset tracking, self-service portal, contract management, and knowledge base at an affordable price point. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is available in both on-demand and on-premise.
  • Forecast

    Forecast is an efficient project management tool for managing your projects, resources, and budgets. Powered by AI data solutions, Forecast makes use of your project history to understand your current work in a much better manner. This project management software enhances your workflow by offering smooth collaboration that is perfect for teams of 20+. It is ideal for companies that care about delivering projects on time, on budget, and on scope.
  • Accelo

    This project management software deals with project planning, tracking, and collaboration all combined in one platform, and then allows easy assigning of work, tracking progress and monitoring budgets and profitability in real time. Accelo projects allow you to gain visibility into the performance of each project and the availability of resources, thus enabling you to easily deliver work to your clients on time.
  • Targetprocess

    Targetprocess is a free project management software capable of visualizing and managing active projects according to Scrum, Kanban or a custom approach. Targetprocess, through its improved visualization functionality, provides the visibility and transparency you need across projects, teams, and the whole organization.
  • Wimi

    This project management tool allows you to stay organized and improves the efficiency of teamwork. Wimi enables teams to track everything they are working on. Equipped calendars, tasks, files and drive, messaging channels, and video conferencing, Wimi allows the entire team to easily cooperate and work smarter on projects. The advanced access-right management permits you to bring your clients on board and share explicit data with them.
  • Samepage

    Samepage is a project management software that allows your customers, partners, team, and vendors to work together in a smooth and efficient manner. You can combine tasks, calendars, files, maps, diagrams, videos, and team conversation all together on one page. This software also allows you to edit a page and track changes simultaneously with anyone you choose. You can text with individuals or teams and chat via video without switching to another chat platform.

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