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Why the need of Patch Management to secure your NetworkJuly 18, 2017

Network Patch Management

Patch Management is a tool that assures security to streamline the functioning of corporate software. New patch updates are to be fixed now, so as to avoid the interference of malware through outdated applications or software. Best practices propose to automate patch updates as and when the patches fixes are updated.

"Security is always going to be a cat and mouse game because there'll be people out there that are hunting for the zero day award, you have people that don't have configuration management, don't have vulnerability management, don't have patch management." — Kevin Mitnick

What is patch management Software?

Any corporate network would accommodate servers, user endpoints that holds a range of applications working on a range of operating systems. Applications might be developed within the company by team of tech geeks in-house or the applications can be a software package purchased from a third party or it can be an open source application. Mostly the software would have to be compliant with the policies and norms ruled out by the organisation's IT department. However there are unauthorized applications and software that are installed by the users for some ease in operations.

Patch management operates to ensure that all the applications executed in the network are patched with security fixes for assured security

  • Software Inventory Management
  • Overseeing the readily available patches of all the applications and the operating systems
  • Identifying software that are left out from being patched
  • Understanding as to which patch has to be essentially applied on which system
  • The patches are to be tested if it is compatible with the system and the software
  • Ensure that installing one patch is not interfering with the other patch
  • Ensure regular patch updates to maintain a proper risk management system
  • An overall testing is done to ensure that the patches are successfully installed and verify if the software operates flawlessly

Patch Management Solution

Patch Management Solution defines processes to ensure that the system admins ensure a completely updated patch fix for all the operating systems and softwares installed.

The following are the tools used in a Patch Management Solution system:

  • Inventory scanner
  • Patch status detection
  • Security patch deployment
Patch management secure network

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