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Why do you need Automated Patch Management. Reasons ExplainedNovember 08, 2017

Automated Patch Management


4 things to Consider Why do You Need Automated Patch Management?

Patching is necessary yet it is also debatable, whether doing it manually or automated is the answer. There are cases against automatic patching but as long as the patching solution reliable, secure, and can be managed easily. It's the benefits that will far outweigh patching by hand. At the very least an Automated Patch Management could pay for itself in reduced man hours within days.

Here are 4 things to Consider in Having an Automated Patch Management:

1. Security

The most obvious reason as to why companies would want to have an automated patch management solution in place. if you're running multiple servers, you're always looking for the latest vulnerability protection, security patches, and bug fixes. To reduce the risk of having a breach and all the related problems; like data loss, data theft, reputations issues or even legal penalties. Anything that'll harden your network. All of it is part of your main goal which is to improve stability.

2. Compliance

An issue that every company comes up with at some point. Any organization overseen by regulators will appreciate an automated patching system that meets best practices for security considerations. Even if you don't have to worry about compliance. It's the mark of a good system administrator-if you adopt the same kind of rigorous security.

Remember, All companies will need to be secure enough to be able to protect the privacy and data of their employees, customer, and partners. Failure to comply can result in losing opportunities, incurring legal and financial penalties or even losing your business.

3. New Features

Patches can contain new features, adding new functions or extending support for additional platforms. For organizations, this often translates into opportunities to improve or extend their services.

4. Productivity

You'll see the improvement of IT department because of the company has an Automated Patch process. When you have a reliable secure system, the technical resources now can be used for other critical tasks.

Company-wide patches will improve efficient stability and speed up processes that will benefit everyone. Nobody likes it when the email or file server goes down. A fully patched server is much more stable than one that hasn't been patched.

Automated Patching System doesn't take the work from system administrators. They still need to test the patches and certify them before they are released onto the network. However, now, it's in the matter of hours instead of days.

When budgets are tight, Manpower is limited, and to do list is growing by the minute. Every little bit of help can go a long way. Anything that can reliably take some of the work at managing a business is a win-win situation. The techs are happy because its one last thing to worry. Managers are happy because they can now do more with existing resources. And now the system is stable.

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