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What is IT Security?

Hackers are smarter these days, thereby it is important to implement efficient IT security software that can prevent computer systems from the online dangers. Online fraudsters aim at stealing or damaging the hardware, software or electronic data.

Ever since the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the rise of the cloud - enterprises (small & big) are facing increased vulnerabilities. The other reasons could be that they are less monolithic, legacy architectures and more distributed, microservice-based networks.

IT Security

Overall, computers play a vital role in the management of all businesses. When IT security software fails, each and every element of the business will be exposed to online threats. In such situations, it is likely to impact on the productivity, profits and customers experience, so, clients may also opt for other companies. With all these things happening in the background- financial losses will increase by the minute. Not to forget, IT Security isn't just a quality parameter; it can cause a havoc if not chosen carefully. Besides that, it also requires revisiting at regular intervals.

In this article, we’ll explore on IT Security Vs Cybersecurity Vs Network Security and what is the best technology for businesses across the globe. With these insights, arm your network with the right people and plans to increase your defense and keep threats at bay!

IT Security Vs Cybersecurity Vs Network Security: Is There a Difference?

#IT Security

IT security is all about “data security.” The IT security specialist will focus on the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the data. In the present time, numerous volumes of data remain in the PCs, laptops, servers or somewhere on the internet. However, in the late 90's, before all sensitive data was transferred online, it was sitting in a filing cabinet. Today, IT security software is involved in making sure data in any form is kept secure and is a bit broader than cybersecurity. So, essentially an IT security expert need not be a cybersecurity expert!


Cybersecurity is a subset of IT security. Besides the fact that it is all about shielding that data which resides in the electronic form. The other aspects of it are to identify what the essential data is, where it resides, and the measures that need to be implemented in order to safeguard it. In the process, the Cybersecurity is bound to defend an organization’s networks, computers, and data from unlawful digital access, assault or vandalism by incorporating multiple technologies, processes, and regulations.

#Network Security

Network security is a subset of Cybersecurity. The network security strives to safeguard the data which is sent through various devices on the corporate network. It aims at ensuring that the information is not intercepted or changed. Thereby, it is the duty of the network security to protect IT infrastructure from all types of dangers. This includes viruses, worms, Trojan, zero-day, spyware attacks and more.

A right network security in place not only ensures the safety but also helps in recognizing new threats before they infiltrate a network and compromise the data. The common security components of network security include firewalls, anti-virus programs, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), and virtual private networks (VPN)

How to Protect Your Network from Cyber Attacks?

In the present decade, we witness all three – namely network security, cyber security, and IT security that have come together to protect and prevent data attacks. Today, there is a sudden demand for the IT security professional and thereby the responsibilities of cybersecurity professionals have increased dramatically. With this big challenge holding its ground till date, the Cybersecurity professionals have pushed them beyond understanding the technology, firewalls, and intrusion protection systems.

Thereby, the role of all three experts is emerging massively to appropriately protect data. The significance of this topic has become more common these days, as result, clients and companies have started to do a check on the current technologies its effective measures in securing data and managing risk in both cyber and physical forms.

For all three, protecting the data is of utmost importance!

In the long run, it’s obvious that cyber attacks will be much more advanced and sophisticated. However, new technologies in place can offer a better chance of fighting those cyber attacks. Besides, simply provide an outstanding level of service to the customers.

Comodo ONE is the best-in-class product that helps you achieve your IT security goals quickly and easily. It will enable you to attain a fully functional IT network resulting in maximum operational efficiencies, improved employee morale, happy clients and ultimately skyrocketing profits.

The Best IT Security Provider in The USA

According to a Cybersecurity Ventures report, it will bitterly cost the enterprises roughly $6 trillion annually by 2021 due to the growing cybercrimes. The challenge is big, thereby, more and more companies are putting forth their best efforts in combating cyber threats/attacks. The list of companies that deal with cybersecurity, network security, and IT security software is too long. However, if you are looking at something cool, effective and robust that can combat security issues on all fronts then Comodo ONE is your ideal choice.

It packs everything you need to manage your business. Simply put, it allows you to grow the business and increase the client base while solving the customers’ IT challenges proactively. The centralized console lets you manage everything with ease. It's MSP infrastructure includes an integrated service which boosts the profits. You can offer subscription-based services to your customers and manage them directly from a single pane of glass and provide endpoint security, web security, data backup and network monitoring and protection.

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