Prevent the Damage from Malware with
Advanced Endpoint Protection

Complete Detection and Prevention Solves the Malware Problem

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection detects known malware and prevents unknown files (i.e. zero day threats) from infecting your endpoints and accessing your network. Using a multi-layered, modular approach, the SaaS solution combines machine learning, local and cloud-based analysis, and human intelligence with patented OS virtualization (automatic containment) to prevent the damage from malware. Comodo enables a Defaut Deny posture that denies malware access while allowing users to run unknown files safely in containment. Default-Deny security with usability. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is lightweight, only 1% CPU and 10MB resource usage.

Advanced Endpoint Protection Platform Features

Automatic Containment and Usability

Comodo’s patented OS virtualization technology automatically contains unknown files (potential malware) in an virtual environment where users can open them safely. OS virtualization has been proven to stop zero-day attacks by ‘jailing’ unknown processes to protect the endpoint while dynamic analysis delivers a verdict of good or bad. Say goodbye to ‘Patient Zero.’


Using behavioral and action based analysis VirusScope dynamically analyzes unknown processes and executables to determine a verdict, while analysis occurs on the local workstation. Your endpoint is protected from infection because unknown files are automatically jailed in a container that prevents access to native system resources (CPU, memory, registry) keeping your endpoint safe.

Whitelist and Blacklist Antivirus

Antivirus in one of the layers in Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection with both a whitelist and blacklist that are dynamically updated to allow the known good files and deny the known bad. With over 85 Million endpoint deployments and as the #1 certificate authority in the world, Comodos’ local and global file intelligence is top tier.

Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS)

Host Intrustion Prevention (HIPS) is a prevention layer in Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection. The HIPS function continuously monitors your system for suspicious activity to prevent infection and support ongoing analysis.

Valkyrie Cloud Based File Analysis

Unlike competing solutions that run applications indefinitely in containers affecting usability and scale, Valkyrie, a cloud based file analysis system integrates with the Comodo Client at the local layer to performs static and dynamic analysis of unknown files, typically returning a verdict within 45 seconds. Any indeterminate files undergo human expert analysis to deliver true verdicts of good or bad on every file.

Comodo Client

The Comodo Client is an integral security component of Advanced Endpoint Protection that combines advanced and traditional security to deliver application control for known good intelligence, integrated local and global threat intelligence to dynamically block known bad files and automatic containment of all unknowns to prevent infections from new malware. It also provides an AV solution layer for full compliance.

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